10 Ways To Stress Less In College
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10 Ways To Stress Less In College

After all, 'stressed' backwards is 'desserts.'

10 Ways To Stress Less In College

Over-thinking, over-worrying, binge-eating, not eating at all, feeling like your workload is never-ending, and there just isn't enough time in the day. If you acquire any of these symptoms, then here are ten tips to help you stress less in college!

1. Go to the gym.

I know people are tired of hearing this. Maybe you already go to the gym and still over-stressed. If the weather is nice, run outside. If you can, uber to your nearest barre, yoga, or cycle studio. Dedicate this time to yourself and yourself only. Let your mind go.

2. Breathe.

Okay, we breathe every day. But have you tried mindful breathing? Even taking one minute out of each day helps. Set a timer, and slowly breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth as you pay attention to your breath. Let it go.

3. Eat well.

This is important, especially in college. Try to eat fruit and salads more, and a well-balanced meal. Have protein, eat in proportion. You will feel energized, healthier, and be guilt-free.

4. Eat badly.

Treat yourself to ice cream, a pizza, french fries, Chinese food delivery, a bag of chips (or two), and anything else your heart desires. The more you deprive yourself, the more stressed you will be without even noticing it!

5. Watch TV/Netflix/YouTube.

Watch a 20-minute episode on Netflix, catch up on your YouTube subscriptions, or watch a show to have some "me time". Set a goal to to do this a few days a week. You won't feel too bad about missing out and stress about catching up later.

6. Sleep.

This is the hardest part. Try to sleep before 1 a.m. It sounds impossible, but recall all the minutes combined you spent on your phone mindlessly scrolling on all five of your social media apps. Could you have dedicated it to be more productive? Sleep is important, particularly if you are studying for a test. Don't sleep too late.

7. Talk to your friends.

Surround yourself with people that will make you smile. Conversing and socializing is a great way to pull yourself from the isolation of studying and doing homework. Set up study groups or work with someone!

8. Get a mani/pedi or massage.

This applies to both girls and guys. Nothing is better to gain self-love than pampering yourself. Maybe get your eyebrows done, get a facial, and do some hot-stone treatment while you're at it.

9. Use school resources.

There are so many activities on campus to help students de-stress. I know many schools invite therapy animals. Fun clubs such as baking club allow you to make fun treats with other students. See what you can get involved with from time to time.

10. Music.

I use Spotify, and there are some great playlists for you under the Mood section to unwind and listen to instrumentals without words. Sometimes we need that. No words. Just sounds. Sit there, close your eyes, and let the music take you.

It's almost midterm week, and the second semester will fly by. Next thing you know it, you'll be up at late hours studying for your finals. Keep your heart happy and mind healthy to allow yourself to feel and perform at your best.

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