As a college student it is very hard to motivate yourself to workout. With classes, homework, clubs and events it is tough to find a time to exercise. With these ten tips working out will be much more enjoyable to add to your busy college schedule!

1. Get a workout partner

Working out it so much more fun when you are in the company of someone else. Workout with a parent, sibling or friend and keep those plans to exercise together. This can help you two stay motivated to work hard and be each others support system when needed.

2. Treat yourself

It is okay to treat yourself after a long workout session. Go get that Starbucks frappuccino you have been craving all day. But make sure that you worked hard for it first!

3. Create an upbeat playlist

Make a playlist on your phone that you can listen to everytime you workout. Preferably upbeat songs that will push you to keep on going.

4. Buy cute athleisure

Buy cute athletic wear that will not only make you want to workout but show off your trendy style to everyone around!

5. Create goals

Make a list of goals that you want to reach. This could be doing an hour of cardio a day or simply taking a walk down a scenic route. Most importantly, make goals that work best for you.

6. Try a workout class

Try a workout class that you have never taken but have always wanted to try. Whether it is yoga, barre or soul cycle, anything where an instructor is pushing you to the best that you can be.

7. Get a gym membership

Become a member at your local gym where you can take classes, use the equipment, and even swim! When you pay for a membership you are more likely to go so that your money is not wasted.

8. Make working out a part of your daily routine

Try and set a time each day to go and workout. This way you can incorporate exercising in your schedule and base the rest of your day around that time.

9. Look for your progress

Look at the results you receive after working out. This progress will make you want to continue to keep working harder.

10. Create an inspiration board

Hang positive words, quotes and pictures on your bedroom wall so every time you wake up you have something that will remind you to keep on pushing forward!