Finals week has quickly come upon us, and if you're anything like me, this week is the most stressful week of the year. Do professors really think we can handle all this work without pulling multiple all-nighters? I have come up with a few solutions as to how to enjoy finals week without wanting to cry every single day.

1. Drink some coffee

Without coffee, college students would be unable to survive. Take a study break and get some coffee with a friend. My recommendation is coffee from Caviar and Bananas! Five minutes away from books and binders won't kill you!

2. Go for a walk or exercise

Exercise relieves so much stress. So while studying, take a break and go for a walk on the beach or the battery (for us college students in Charleston). Exercise clears your mind and allows a good, healthy distraction.

3. Watch a Christmas movie

Okay, so you have finished your first final exam. Reward yourself by making some hot chocolate and popping in your favorite Christmas movie. My personal favorites are Four Christmases and Elf!

4. Go see holiday lights

No matter where you live, Christmas decorations start mid-November. Take a fifteen-minute study break and go for a drive to see the holiday lights! James Island hosts the Holiday Lights Festival, which is top notch decorations!

5. Take a bubble bath

After spending hours of studying in the library, like me, you probably feel like all the energy you have just got sucked out of your body. So, my cure for this is to take a relaxing bubble bath and listen to music that distresses you. Baths will give you an extra boost of energy to finish the night of studying while providing a break from the daunting amount of notes to study.

6. Light a candle

Fill your apartment (or dorm room) with the smell of Christmas with your favorite Christmas candle. That way, while you're studying, it seems a little bit like Christmas.

7. Listen to a few of your favorite songs

After spending hours in complete silence studying, go for a drive and jam out to your favorite music.

8. Write yourself positive and encouraging notes

During finals week, I always make it a point to write encouraging notes, quotes, and bible verses to get me through the day. Tell yourself that you can accomplish anything! That way, when you walk into an exam, you are confident that you will ace it!

9. Bake cookies

I always enjoy having some chocolate and sweets while I am studying for exams. Take a few minutes out of studying to bake your favorite cookies. That way you have a little treat while studying.

10. Treat Yourself

Once finals are finally over, treat yo self! Go to your favorite boutique or bakery and grab a little treat! I always love grabbing a cupcake at Cupcake DownSouth to toast to finals finally being over!