10 Ways Rice Responded To Donald Trump's Election
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10 Ways Rice Responded To Donald Trump's Election

Amidst the chaos, we spoke our minds and gave the call for action.

10 Ways Rice Responded To Donald Trump's Election

The election of Donald Trump prompted a myriad of emotional reactions at Rice University. In response, community members have chosen to open discussions, hold rallies, and discuss policy at length, taking part in the wave of activism that has swept the country. Students and faculty alike have chosen to respond to the challenges of the new administration with education on hot-button issues and calls to action in true Rice fashion.

1. Demonstration of solidarity

A midnight vigil was held at Willy’s Statue for solidarity after the election results were confirmed.

2. “Campus Reacts to Trump” in Rice Thresher

The school newspaper published an article with quotes from students’ and faculty members’ reactions to the election.

3. Undocumented student give perspective in Thresher

An undocumented student at Rice spoke about life in America, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and Trump's election in a Thresher piece.

4. Petition to make Rice a sanctuary campus

In response to claims about immigrants by Trump on the campaign trail, a petition to make Rice a sanctuary campus circulated.

5. Texans for Climate Change Action

A new student group formed on campus in response to the environmental policy challenges of the Trump administration. Their first event was a climate change rally at Willy’s Statue.

8. Policy recommendations for the Trump administration

The Baker Institute released a series of policy recommendations intended to guide the Trump administration on heavily-contested issues.

7. Inauguration Day Teach-in

Rice Responds held a teach-in to educate the community about the historical context and social issues surrounding the election.

8. Inauguration Day Resistance Read-in

The English Undergraduate Association organized a reading of protest and activism at Willy’s Statue.

9. Administration response to the immigration ban

President Leebron sent out a statement pledging support to members of the Rice community affected by the ban.

10. Protest against Week 1 of Trump Administration

Texans for Climate Change Action held another rally at Willy's Statue following inflammatory policies by the Trump administration.

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