10 Ways To Better Yourself This Summer
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10 Ways To Better Yourself This Summer

Bright sunshine leads to brighter smiles and better attitudes.

10 Ways To Better Yourself This Summer

If you anything like me, you can't wait for summer vacation. The promise of free time in the sun, spontaneous days off, and many Netflix binges, is right at our reach, only a mere three weeks away! However, summer isn't just an elongated opportunity to be the lazy human you really are (deep down we all are, let's face it). Instead, summer vacation is an opportunity, full of optimistic self-exploration and the time to focus on yourself, your goals, and your aspirations.

Sure, summer is the only time of year that lends itself to lying on beaches and enjoying a good book, or staying inside and watching a whole series on a rainy day. But, summer offers so much more than that. As a time full of fun, sun, and stress-free days, summer is the perfect season to work on yourself and find just who you truly are. With that being said, here are 10 ways to focus on and better yourself over the upcoming summer season.

1. Read a good book (or maybe 3).

This is one of my personal goals that I feel many can benefit from. Reading enhances perspectives, and reading is one of the best ways to better yourself when you have some free time to commit to it.

2. Eat healthier, fresher foods.

The arrival of summer means fresh, local produce and plenty of farmer's markets. Healthier eating leads to a healthier you, why not start while the fruits and veggies are in season?

3. Establish a daily routine.

A daily routine is so crucial to a better you. Wake up and go to bed at (roughly) the same time everyday, eat at the same times, and leave some room for the spontaneous happenings of life in between.

4. Exercise regularly (if you don't already).

Eating right, getting into a routine, and exercising regularly will all help to physically and mentally better your body. And, exercise doesn't have to equal a gym. Exercise can simply be walking or doing physical activities with your friends and family that you really enjoy.

5. Pick up a new hobby.

With all your new found free time, you will benefit from trying something new. Pinterest is a great place to start looking for ideas.

6. Take a few risks.

Buy a colorful outfit, travel to a place far out of your horizon, go to a yoga class. Do something outside of your comfort zone. Break free, be free.

7. Spend time with those who matter the most.

Being home for a few months is a blessing in disguise. Take the opportunity to visit those you haven't seen in a while, and spend the time with the ones you love the most. Being around familiar faces equals a better you.

8. Make a new friend (or rekindle an old friendship).

And, new faces aren't so bad either. A new friend or acquaintance can be just as enlightening and special as an old one.

9. Spend time outdoors.

Spending time in and with nature is as refreshing as a day at the spa. Being out at the park or hiking through the words relieves stress and is proven to make you feel better. Even just hanging out in your yard or having a campfire at night is enough to make a difference.

10. Accomplish at least one major goal.

An accomplished you is a better you. Whether your goal may seem big or small to those around you, an accomplishment is something to be proud of. Take pride in what you do. And, most importantly, take pride in yourself.

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