Doing the same old thing can become redundant. The usual suspects are typical hobbies - hiking, drawing, photography, etc. But sometimes you just get bored of the every day. There's unusual and different hobbies someone can take up to spice up life a bit.

1. Tall ship festivals/maritime events.

2. Shooting range

This might not be unusual in certain parts of the US, but for the Northeastern US, particularly where I live, this isn't exactly commonplace. Regardless of your political views, it presents a different activity that probably not a lot of people do that you know.

3. 3D artwork

No photo for this one to not steal anyone's work. Digital work and 3D artwork have some free alternatives that if you want to get into it, you totally can. It'll take a while and certainly is a learning curve, but it's entirely possible to learn after practicing.

4. Birding

Birding is also pretty much a free hobby - essentially, the birds come to you, and all you need to do is have a good pair of binoculars. There's also some groups on websites like MeetUp that routinely go out if you're really into it and want to meet other people who participate in the same hobby.

5. Chess

Chess is an art form. Knowing how to play the game is difficult enough, but doing it effectively is an entire different game. Trying to learn it could become sort of a group activity among friends.

6. Archery

Yet again another hobby that just isn't seen in the Northeast urban area (understandably). There's probably some archery businesses around the New York City area, particularly in upstate New York or New Jersey.

7. Martial arts

Now, you wouldn't exactly collect the rocks shown in the picture, but there's quite a few interesting kinds of rocks you can easily obtain. They're usually pretty cheap and can be quite decorative.

9. Coding

Yet again, this hobby is difficult and has some real life application. It's useful but also can be interesting to figure out.

10. Fish keeping.

Fish keeping can be can expensive hobby, but you can build smaller tanks filled with live plants and small fish that are enjoying your little ecosystem. However, it is worthy to note this hobby requires time weekly, and requires actual research.

What are some of your favorite hobbies? Are they common? Or Uncommon like these!