10 Types Of People That Come Back From Winter Break
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10 Types Of People That Come Back From Winter Break

Prepare yourself for a whole new playing field.

10 Types Of People That Come Back From Winter Break

A month is a long time to be away from school. You say goodbye to your college friends, pack your bags and head home, but you never know what will happen in those four weeks. Coming back to school you will feel like you're seeing a whole new crop of students--some on top of their game, others ready to forget the diploma and travel the world. Here are ten types of students that will come back from winter break.

1. The revitalized

WAKE UP EARLY. GYM. CLASS. STUDY. EAT. SLEEP. REPEAT. This person is ready to take on the new semester with a whole new motivation.

2. The homesick

It's no surprise that being home leaves many, especially the freshman, in a depressed state as they have to say goodbyes once again and head back to school. Be easy on this person. You know how hard it is to be away from your dog.

3. The wild child

Being home for a month has this person behind on their party scene and they are more than ready to dance their way back into the college life. Sure, home was fun and all, but what is there to do on a Friday night?

4. The gym rat

This person is back on the grind and huffing under their breath at the new faces that appear in their sacred place after the new year. You'll see this person picking up ridiculous gym hours just so he or she doesn't fall behind before Spring Break.

5. The wanna-be gym rat

This is the person that the year-round dedicated people despise, but hey, new year, new you! You'll catch this person crying on top of a machine or sweating profusely, but you won't have to witness this for long; they'll be back on their couch binge watching Netflix in no time.

6. The heartbroken

The inevitable "chimney drop" has occurred and the newly singles are trying to get back on their feet. Expect this person to have a few meltdowns, late night dials to the ex and rebounds.

7. The unmotivated

Typically winter break charges people up for the Spring semester, but a handful of students come back in even bigger of a slump than before. Whether they're complaining about the schoolwork, Facetiming their dog every night or picking out a new Netflix series, this person is the furthest from motivated.

8. The one that's on the prowl

The lack of selection at home has this person back and ready to find someone new to kick it with at school. Being more desperate than before, this person may not just be on the prowl on the town; it's possible you'll be hit on on your casual walks to class. Beware.

9. The born-again studier

This person has never studied a day in their life, but they're ready for change. Just as the gym crowds up after the new year, it becomes nearly impossible to find a comfortable and silent place to sit in the library.

10. The loner

You don't know what happened to this person over break nor do you want to ask, but they are back and taking the role of hermit very seriously.

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