When you go out drinking with your friends, you notice that everyone reacts differently to booze. You hear the common stories on how someone texted their ex while intoxicated, someone met knew friends while drunk, someone got the courage to talk to a crush when drinking, or someone made out with someone they didn't know. You enjoy the night of drinking but hate that hangover you'll be waking up with the next day. But alcohol brings out something different in you are when drinking rather it is courage, embarrassment, having no filter, or dancing like your the hottest one in that place. Here are the 10 common types of people you come across when they are drunk.

1. The “I love everyone” drunk

This is that person that comes up to you a thousand times during the night that says "I love you man" over and over. They just want you to know they love you. They declare how awesome everyone is while drunk.

2. The “I spill my life secrets” drunk

We all know that person that tells their whole life story when they are drunk. They may even share a little too much that they wanted to be kept secret. The one without the filter. I tend to be guilty of this type of time or two...

3. The “I can fight anyone in this bar" drunk

There's that person that thinks they are invincible when they are drunk. They are the bad ass that will take anyone down but in reality they will probably end the night with a black eye.

4. The “crying for no reason” drunk

You always have that one person that starts crying to know reason. They cry because they are so happy and they cry because they don't want the night to end.

5. The “I wanna dance to every song” drunk

Usually this is the person who normally doesn't dance but when they have some drinks they cannot stop dancing. Every single song is their jam. Or it's the person who loves to dance sober or drunk and really doesn't want to stop when drinking.

6. The “I text people I shouldn’t” drunk

These are the people that should just hand over their phones to their friends before they start drinking. They'll text their ex they haven't talked to in years or they'll let people know how they truly feel over. They wake up the next day thinking, "oh shit...".

7. The "let's put that on snapchat" drunk

"You get a snapchat and you get a snapchat". I feel like a lot of people can be like this when they get drunk. You're having a good time and you just want the world to know you are. But those snaps may not be as hot as you think they are. They throw it on their story for everyone to see.

8. The lightweight drunk

This type of drunk is done after like drink 4. They are struggling to walk straight and can't hold themselves up. They get drunk too early of the night and will have a major hangover the more they keep drinking after that.

9. The hot mess drunk

They just go as hard as they can with drinking. They are taking shots after shots. Before they know it, they can barely stand or hold themselves up. In all honesty though, we've all probably been there at least once....

10. The horny drunk

Yep, we all know that person that starts spilling personal things about themselves that you just don't want to know. They flirt with everything walking and probably end up making out with someone on the dance floor.

The next day after a night out, we are always hating our drunk selves when we wake up with a banging a headache and stories from the night before. We wince as we see our snapchat story unfold, laugh when we look at the pictures we attempted to take, and yell out ourselves for the people we texted the night before. No matter type of drunk you are, remember we are all just out having a good time like the next person. So enjoy that liquid courage and remember to drink responsibly.