I've always been kind of a STEM nerd.

I joined the math team in the 8th grade, joined a robotics team in high school, tutored, always did well in my classes, and was never good at English or History.

After declaring my major as mechanical engineering, and now that I'm pursuing a minor in mathematics, I very quickly noticed a trend.

Girls??? In engineering????

These are just a few things that have gotten to my near last nerve:

1. "Do you know how to use *insert basic hand tool here*?"

Why, no, I have no idea what this hammer does.

2. "What's the matter, did you break a nail?"

You got me. I'm crying and profusely bleeding because my nail is broken. It definitely has nothing with the fact that I just took a drill to the hand.

3. Taking things out of my hands.

I was doing just fine with the caliper, but thanks for showing me that you can do it the exact same way!

4. Only giving me the PowerPoint/presentation of the group projects.

I am worth so much more than putting together someone else's work.

5. "At least it will be easy for you to find a husband"

I definitely chose this career to make sure I land myself a man. Thank you so much for your reassurance.

6. "You _____ pretty well... for a girl"

I'm sorry you need to justify my abilities and remind yourself that I am, indeed, a girl.

7. "Isn't that a job for like, you know, guys?"

Silly me, what am I doing here? I must have forgotten that there's a gender restriction on careers.

8. "Are you sure you can do that?"

If I wasn't too sure, I would either a) ask for help, or b) not be doing it.

9. "If you're looking for the nursing wing, it's on the second floor."

It's only the fourth week of the semester, but thanks, I think I can get to my calculus class just fine.


Well thank goodness they made power tools that I can be seen with. My feminine charm can only be matched by a pink machine.

Don't let them get to you. Do it up, ladies.

Build. Calculate. Evaluate. Research. Code. Fix. Develop. Program. Discover. Solve.

STEM like a girl.