10 Thoughts You Have When You Visit Your High School as a College Student

Over fall break or spring break, we return our to high schools to see teachers, past classmates, and just to be back on campus. You feel like you are so much older and so much more mature than everyone. You've gotten a taste of what the real world is like.

1. How did I ever go to school five days a week for seven to eight hours a day?

Seriously! How did we ever attend seven or eight classes five days a week, and now can barely attend two classes a day.

2. Gosh, freshman high schoolers are obnoxious!

You think this and possibly even say it, and then remember you used to be an obnoxious freshman.

3. Am I in dress code?!

Even though we have graduated, we still worry about a teacher calling us out for bra straps or hats.

4. Does anyone still know who I am?

We used to know almost everyone, but many people have left and/or graduated. Does anyone remember us?

5. I'm so glad I'm not a senior applying to college, keeping grades up, keeping a social life, and finding time to sleep, anymore!

Once the college acceptance letters began to come in, and I had made my decision, I was finally able to relax... until final exams and trying not to trip up the stairs on graduation day.

6. I have so much more freedom now!

We have so much time to relax, get work done, etc., but procrastination still plays a large role in our lives.

7. Do I miss high school or do I miss my friends and teachers?

I don't miss sitting in class everyday, but I miss lunch with my friends.

8. It feels like just yesterday that we graduated!

In some ways it feels like years ago, and in other ways it feels like it was just yesterday that you were sitting at your 'unassigned, yet assigned' seat in each class.

9. What do you mean my favorite teacher doesn't work here anymore?/Why isn't this Mr./Mrs. [teacher name]'s classroom anymore?

He/she was the teacher you went to when something went wrong in your personal life or they gave you the best grades. The classroom had been their's since you had been in high school, and now it isn't. That is simply not right.

10. Life was so easy when I was in high school.

You didn't have to fight for sleep on a regular basis. You had your parents to cook dinner for you. You had your own room or at least lived somewhere where you had your own space.

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