10 Things You Think as a Receptionist
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10 Things You Think as a Receptionist

Front desk woes.

10 Things You Think as a Receptionist

With being a receptionist comes dealing with a vast amount of people. During the day I check clients in and out of the salon while answering the phone. And let me tell you, this isn't as easy as it sounds. Both telephone lines might be ringing at once while one client is leaving and another is checking in. It's busy! And as a result, the other receptionists and myself deal with the brunt of whatever mood the clients are in, be it good or bad. So, in case you've ever wondered what a receptionist thinks when you're trying to schedule something or otherwise needing the services of the front desk, here are some common things that I've thought:

1. Why are you calling me when you don't even know what day it is?

Multiple times on the phone clients have called to schedule an appointment without even knowing which day of the week it is. How that makes sense, I'll never know.

2. Do not put me on hold.

Countless clients tell me to 'hold on' while they grab their calendars. Or they're scheduling for someone else and tell me to hold while they talk time and days with the other person. Here's a crazy thought, have an idea of when you're available when you call to schedule something.

3. Are you a parrot?

So many clients repeat things right after I've said them. 'The earliest available is 10:30.' 'So you're saying the earliest she has is 10:30?' Yes, that is what I'm saying. Also because I just said it.

4. Are you trying to play 20 questions with me right now?

Sometimes clients have questions that I'm happy to answer. And other times they'll rattle off things that can be found online, ask about 10 different day's availability, ask if one stylist is open after another. I don't have time for these games! Narrow it down people!

5. You're not that special.

Harsh I know, but sometimes clients think I can book them during another appointment just because they've been 'going to Erik for 20 years.' For example, a client called for a bang trim and I said 'I'm sorry but there aren't any times available today,' to which she replied, 'not even for me?' No, especially not for you.

6. Don't treat me like a servant.

Just because I'm not the one doing your hair doesn't mean I don't deserve to be treated with common courtesy. Some clients don't make eye contact, don't say please and thank you, act super entitled, or don't have patience when we're having technical difficulties. But guess what, I'm providing a service too by scheduling your appointments, taking your calls, and doing the laundry you create. So ditch the attitude!

7. Pick up after yourself.

I pick up drinks, jackets and coats, paper towels, napkins, robes, etc that get left behind. Let's all be adults and pick up after ourselves! I'm not a janitor!

8. I'm meeting so many cool people.

Working in the service industry, there comes a huge variety of people that you interact with on a day to day basis. Some clients are models, or doctors, or dermatologists, or lawyers, or work for the Seahawks. I've had the opportunity to meet a lot of awesome people and make some great connections!

9. Do I do this?

For all the things that drive me nuts during my job, I have to wonder, "Do I do this? Do I drive other receptionists up the wall? Offer unnecessary information? Ask too many questions? Talk in circles?" And then, I think I'm probably the pot calling the kettle black.

10. I'm lucky to work here.

Not every day is a breeze, but when it comes down to it, I'm so lucky to work where I do. I'm lucky to have a job at all, let alone one I look forward to going to. The stylists, including my boss, and many clients, create such a wonderful environment full of laughter, kindness, and a real family feel. I couldn't ask for anything better!

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