10 Things I Wish They'd Told Me Before Playing College Soccer
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10 Things I Wish They'd Told Me Before Playing College Soccer

"Hey, do you think we're running today?" "I hope not, we played good yesterday"

10 Things I Wish They'd Told Me Before Playing College Soccer
SWIC Athletics

Throughout my 14 years of playing soccer, I've acquired some useful information that has helped me through life and even school. For me, from playing in a recreation soccer league in my little town when I was four to playing college soccer, I always carry it with me. It doesn't matter how many of countless hours I've put into soccer or a number of times I've told myself that I was going to quit, I always and will continue to play the sport that I've loved.

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I have the honor to play soccer at the collegiate level, which is something I never thought of doing, but super grateful for. A little background knowledge: I won the state championship title during my senior year of high school and at that point, I thought that I would give up soccer. A couple months later the opportunity presented itself and little did I know, I began one of the starting 11 on the field and played with some girls that I didn't know, but I would never look back now. The first four months of playing college soccer have taught me so much that I am able to share it now with others.


This is a BIG no-no. It's not every day that you go and buy a new $265 dollar pair of cleats, so treat them like your babies. (Well they are.)

2. You are not guaranteed a starting spot.

Just because you came from a high school where you started every game, doesn't mean you are to start at college with 19 other girls in front of you. Reality check, right?

3. Share pre-wrap wisely.

To share or not to share, whether you do or don't, you never know when you're gonna be needing it too.

4. Play like nobody is watching.

Who cares that your ex-boyfriend, that one kid from biology class that you think is cute, or that one college coach is watching, play your game and everything will eventually work out.

5. Play for the upperclassman. You never know when their last game is.

This is a biggie, make sure you do everything out there for them. They played those hard games for their seniors and they now expect you to too. You'll be there one day and you'll want the same in return.

6. Take care of your body. Please.

Take the ice bath, even if it is raining or is below 50 degrees outside, your body will thank you later. Eat right and don't EVER skip meals, your body will end up hating you. Get enough sleep, whether that means sleeping on the bus or napping, SLEEP.

7. Speaking of eating, always eat more than 2 hours before game time.

Unless you wanna be throwing up everywhere on the field while running, I suggest you eat early to save yourself the embarrassment. Thank me later.

8. Take the cool-downs seriously.

Would you rather have kind of relaxed legs on that 2-hour long bus ride home OR be cramping up all day tomorrow? if you were smart, you'd pick the first option. Save yourself the heartbreak.

9. Take the long team talks serious.

Even though your coach might be yelling and screaming his head off at you for losing, he's just trying to make you all better soccer players. Listen to those long talks and soak in the inofrmation to make you a better player.


You never know when your last game might be. ALL of a sudden the game you once played for 14+ years is gone and you have nothing to hold on to anymore. I mean one day you won't be an athlete, you'll just have the memories. Leave it all out on the field and don't look back.

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