There is this stigma that college students don't want a committed relationship because of the rise of "hookup" culture. For myself, that's just not the case. If I do happen to find "the one" I don't want to rush and get married but I do want my future (way into the future) boyfriend or husband to know a little bit about me. (I don't believe you have to sign a paper to prove to the world that you're committed to someone, I'm just using a case scenario here.) Let's start from the top:

10. I believe in monogamy.

There is so much backlash in the millennial generation surrounding people with one significant other because it's become "the norm" to get with several different people and not want to commit to one single person. I just have that "old school" idea that I want one person who is going to be faithful to me and vice versa on return. I have a problem with "hookup" culture, but it's just not for me.

9. I need you to love animals like I do.

I have the biggest place in my heart for animals, especially dogs. I need somebody who is willing to go to a pet store with on a regular basis and share my obsession of taking photos of my dog wherever I go. I need someone who is willing to be okay with me going up to every random animal I see and wanting to make friends (Yes, I know that's a horrible idea and sometimes animals have rabies but still that's beside the point).

8. I have anxiety.

I need someone who isn't going to be patient with me when I'm uncomfortable in a social situation one having a moment where I just feel panicked. I need someone who is going to calm me down and just talk it out with me instead of someone who would just get frustrated and not want to deal with me. I need someone who will at least be empathetic in a sense.

7. I'm a picky eater.

I've been a picky all of my life, but I do try to make myself try new foods even though I tend to dislike the majority that I try. I need my significant other to realize that I'm not trying be insulting by not wanting to try been foods, I just have a general dislike for many foods. I'd love to try new cooking, but I can't have somebody who is going to be offended if I don't like it.

6. I like to have quality time.

I'm not somebody who's okay with only seeing each other if it would just be in the morning or at night. I need quality time and I hate spending too much time by myself. I'm not a crazy, clingy person but I do expect to spend a good amount of time with the people care about.


More than any other creature, I despise those hairy little monsters. If you have a pet tarantula, you might as well consider the relationship to be over with.

4. I have trust issues.

Only the closest people I trust(about less than a handful) know absolutely everything about me. I'm not somebody who likes to brag about my life and I'm not the biggest fan of those who think Iran okay to act like that.

3. I don't find meaning in superficial items.

Sure, some girls love to receive jewelry and sparkly whatever, but I prefer sentimental or heartfelt objects. I want something that I can keep forever and know how much time and thought was put into it.

2. I am a perfectionist.

I'm that girl with a morning routine who spends hours trying to make sure my makeup looks nice and my outfit matches. I put a nice outfit on just to stay in the house because it makes me feel good. I'm not trying to please anyone but myself when I do this. I don't need somebody who will the under the impression that I need to look good for them. No, sir, I look good for me!

1. I'm a big fan of random things.

I love stand-up comedy and black and white movies. If you want to go to a rock concert or a country concert, I'm down. If you listen to a variety of music or also have random collections, we'll be a perfect match. I enjoy wearing monochromatic colors one day and then something psychedelic the next. I like to fish, but only to throw them back in the water. I listen to music that correlates to my mood and I'm always up for adventures.

The most important thing that I'd want to tell my future boyfriend or husband is that I just want happiness more than anything in this world. Everyone deserves a chance at that.

XOXO- just a college student who's an endless dreamer.