10 Things To Do Before Christmas |Part 2

Hi Friends,

Thank you all for the amazing responses to part one of the "10 Things To Do Before Christmas" article. Without further ado, I give you part two. Here are ten more things you and your loved ones can do together, before Christmas!

Part One: "10 Things To Do Before Christmas"

1. Buy an ugly Christmas Sweater

Wear it around proudly while searching for the perfect gift or checking off your Christmas to-do's.

2. Drive around and look at Christmas Lights

3. Host or Attend a Christmas Party

The holidays are the most fun when friends and family are around. Throw a dinner or holiday game party to get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

4. Make Gingerbread Pancakes

Here's a recipe that sounds too delicious not to make! http://www.cookingclassy.com/gingerbread-pancakes/

5. Try Eggnog

Who knows, maybe you'll like it!

6. Decorate a Gingerbread House

I checked this off my holiday list last week. I'm proud to say that my gingerbread house actually stayed together!! The sides are rather unique since I decorated it with a four year old, but at least it didn't fall apart!

7. Go Sledding

This was my favorite thing to do when I was growing up. I don't care what others say- you can never be too old for sledding! Don't forget to bring a few friends along!

8. Enjoy a Candy Cane

I recently tried candy cane flavored hot chocolate and oh my is it tasty! Check out this cool post showing you how to make different candy cane flavored treats https://www.brit.co/candy-cane-recipes/

9. Make Popcorn Garland

Grab a needle, some popcorn and get stringing! Your tree will look even more fabulous after.

10. Take a family Photo

I mean.....who says they have to be traditional.

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Tweet me a photo of you doing any of these things! I'd love to see how you are #CoutingDownToChristmas

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