10 Things All Smicks Are Guilty Of

10 Things All Smicks Are Guilty Of

If you call yourself a belle, you've probably snuck a few extra hot cookies back to your table.

Let's be honest- Saint Mary's isn't just a school, it's a culture. And like any cultures, there's some unofficial traditions that every takes part in, and will probably never end. If you call yourself a belle, you've probably done close to all these things.

Taken about 10 fresh-baked cookies back to your table- even if that means taking ALL of them and leaving none left.

Ignore all the shade the girls in line behind you throw. The chocolate chip cookies literally fly off the baking sheet- you have to get them when you can! And besides, you're sharing with your fellow smicks at the table (maybe).

Taken artsy Instagrams of your class ring.

It's not just a ring, it's a symbol of all things sisterhood. And it's gorgeous.

Taken an armful of donuts back to your room after midnight breakfast.

The sugar from those donuts is what will get you through finals week.

Always taking Snapchat stories of the dome any chance you get.

If you didn't get a picture of the Dome, were you even at the Dome? It's just so shiny.

Buying Ben and Jerry's from Cyber at 10:59 PM.

Cyber closes at 11, and we've all literally ran from our doors to get some ice cream before then. Sometimes, you just need some midnight ice cream to get you through the night. And those nights when all they have left is the peanut butter banana greek and cherry garcia? Those are the worst.

Being a little too loud and laughing in the library with your friends.

We know we're supposed to be quiet, but seriously, how we can not giggle and talk when we're with our friends? We're hilarious. Very rarely does real studying happen when you sit at a group table in the library.

Spending at least 1 night a semester in Trumper.

To be honest, if Trumper had a Starbucks, I'd spend almost every night there. When it's 3am and you and only one smick are there, it's like an instant bond is created between you two for that one night.

Getting a little too rowdy in Blinkie at 3 am.

God bless Blinkie Bob. He puts up with so much.

Slipping down the slight slope on the way to Spes when its cold and icy.

In the winter, when I'm going down the little hill towards the side door of Spes, I literally go at a snail's pace. It's so terrifying.

Taken a nap in the glass booths in bottom floor of Madeleva.

After a long day of classes, nothing is better than crawling into a booth, sliding the door shut, and using your backpack as a pillow. It's just so quiet and cozy down there.

Smicks, keep taking your cookies and naps, because #BELLEYEAH

Cover Image Credit: Vanessa Fisher

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3 Reasons Why Step Dads Are Super Dads


I often hear a lot of people complaining about their step-parents and wondering why they think that they have any authority over them. Although I know that everyone has different situations, I will be the first to admit that I am beyond blessed to have a step dad. Yep, I said it. My life wouldn't be the same that it is not without him in it. Let me tell you why I think step dads are the greatest things since sliced bread.

1. They will do anything for you, literally.

My stepdad has done any and every thing for me. From when I was little until now. He was and still is my go-to. If I was hungry, he would get me food. If something was broken, he would fix it. If I wanted something, he would normally always find a way to get it. He didn't spoil me (just sometimes), but he would make sure that I was always taken care of.

SEE ALSO: The Thank You That Step-Parents Deserve

2. Life lessons.

Yup, the tough one. My stepdad has taught me things that I would have never figured out on my own. He has stood beside me through every mistake. He has been there to pick me up when I am down. My stepdad is like the book of knowledge: crazy hormonal teenage edition. Boy problems? He would probably make me feel better. He just always seemed to know what to say. I think that the most important lesson that I have learned from my stepdad is: to never give up. My stepdad has been through three cycles of leukemia. He is now in remission, yay!! But, I never heard him complain. I never heard him worry and I never saw him feeling sorry for himself. Through you, I found strength.

3. He loved me as his own.

The big one, the one that may seem impossible to some step parents. My stepdad is not actually my stepdad, but rather my dad. I will never have enough words to explain how grateful I am for this man, which is why I am attempting to write this right now. It takes a special kind of human to love another as if they are their own. There had never been times where I didn't think that my dad wouldn't be there for me. It was like I always knew he would be. He introduces me as his daughter, and he is my dad. I wouldn't have it any other way. You were able to show me what family is.

So, dad... thanks. Thanks for being you. Thanks for being awesome. Thanks for being strong. Thanks for loving me. Thanks for loving my mom. Thanks for giving me a wonderful little sister. Thanks for being someone that I can count on. Thanks for being my dad.

I love you!

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The 7 Best Pieces Of Advice I Have Been Given About Life

Some of the best advice I have been given over the years...


There isn't a central theme among these pieces of advice or sayings. They are all just random things I have been told over the course of my life–especially in the last week. I find these 7 to be particularly helpful in various situations, and try to keep them in mind when I am in over my head.

1. "Don't be afraid to advocate for yourself because there is nobody who is going to help you more than you."

You are the #1 person who can help your own case. No one knows you as you do, therefore no one will be able to help you more than you can help yourself. A lot of things are mental, so once you can convince yourself that you deserve something (whatever it may be) you can convince anyone. Another saying goes along with this, on the flip side: "No one can diminish you but yourself." You are in control of your own self-perception, and you are very much capable of being your own worst enemy.

2. "Stand behind your reputation because you can never get it back."

My mom sent this to me the other day. Be who you are, and do it proudly. Especially with meeting people for the first time, you can never have a second chance at a first impression. That being said, if people view you in a bad light, figure out why that is and fix it. You may not be able to change someones initial thoughts of you, but you can change the way they view you after that.

3. "The best things in life happen unexpectedly."

"Life is what happens when you're busy making plans," also goes along with this. Trying to plan out every little detail of your life is only going to lead to disappointment. Sometimes you find the best things/what you're looking for when you're not actually looking. Just go through the motions and things will work out the way they are supposed to.

4. "Be proud of your accomplishments, no matter how small."

It's important to celebrate the little things. Did you go to class today? Good for you. Did you decide to drink water instead of a soda? That's awesome. How are you going to work up to doing bigger and better things if you don't have anywhere to start?

5. "Whatever you're stressing about now probably won't matter in five years."

As someone who is often eaten away by their own worry and anxiety, this is a mantra that I try to constantly remind myself. While it may seem like a big deal now, you need to keep in mind the bigger picture. Will it matter in 5 hours? 5 days? 5 months? And so on. If the answer is no to ANY of these questions, it's probably not worth beating yourself up over.

6. "Stop being the 'go to' person for someone you can't go to."

Someone tweeted that their pastor said this to them and the tweet went viral. A friend of mine sent it to me, and it really made me think. Something I have struggled with over the years is making excuses for people who don't show up for me when I am constantly there for them. This is a helpful reminder that if they aren't contributing to you and your life, you shouldn't have to bend over backward to help them out and be in their lives.

7. "Two wrongs don't make a right."

While this is often a saying that parents use on their young children, it is applicable to pretty much any stage of life. My parents, especially my dad, have constantly said this, whether it was in reference to fighting with my siblings or dealing with people at school. Even as a 20-year-old, I find myself saying this when I hear about arguments and problems people are having. Everyone wants to get even, to best those who hurt them. While it's important to stick up for yourself, it is also important to be the bigger person and not stoop to their level (and whatever else your parents told you in these situations).

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