10 Things School Never Taught Us, But Should've

a^2+b^2=c^2... got it? Hope you remember this because, according to our education system, you aren't ready for the real world until you have this Pythagorean Theorem memorized. Oh and cursive? Yeah, you better figure that one out too, because apparently, it's crucial to know a fancy way to write.

I'm gonna laugh off the fact that these and many more useless topics are such a focus in schools, but only because I truly don't know how else to react. No, I'm not going to slam the entire education system because much of what we are taught is useful, interesting information. That being said, in this day and age if we're curious about what makes up a cell; there's a youtube video for that. If you need to determine the volume of a circle; there's a calculator for that. Are we seeing the trend here?

There are, however, quite a few things that schools fail to teach us that would better us as stable, happy, human beings. Here are 10 subjects that should be added to school curriculums:

1. Money Management and the Tax System

Okay, money isn't everything... but it's definitely SOMETHING. Learning through expert guidance how to budget properly is something that everyone could use. Setting teens off into the world after many have never even paid for their own gas, makes no sense. Also... how do you pay taxes? I would love to have had a course that clearly explains what taxes even are and how to handle them independently.

2. Relationship Course

So maybe no one truly has this figured out yet, but adults at least have had many more years of experience with romantic, friendly, and family relationships than teens have. There is no education available on how to maintain relationships. Knowledge is power, especially when your being set off in the world alone. Having some idea of how to handle human interactions could sure be more beneficial than blindly hoping for the best.

3. Resume Writing

To some, this might seem like a simple one. To others... We. Have. No. Idea. How. To. Write. A. Resume. We might've heard something about "building" a resume, but we have no idea what that means. Teaching students how to properly write and update their resume is what's gonna get them that job or into that college.

4. Sustainable Living

We all hear about it, and, though some refuse to admit it (*cough cough* Mr. President *cough cough*); global warming is happening people. Schools need to focus more on why our planet is changing, and how we can stop ruining our planet.

5. Basic Maintenance

So we know how to cite a book in our essays... but we can't fix that leaky pipe all on our own? Household repairs and maintenance shouldn't have to cause panic and a hole in your wallet when your older, we should be taught how to fix things all on our own.

6. Mental Health

Some schools are already figuring out that maybe learning how to deal with and understand our emotions and lessen our stress is more important than talking about how food labels have changed. Understanding and learning to manage emotions might just leave us with healthier and happier generations of humans.

7. Current Events

The number of times I've heard one of my peers (or, admittedly have caught myself) talking about something going on in the world that they have actually no idea about is sad. With social media today, more and more kids are hearing small snips of news, but not actually getting the full story. A current event course will keep student's more informed, more intelligent, and will open up for healthy debate.

9. Cooking and Nutrition

No student should have to live off of microwavable dinners because they don't know how to cook anything else (but hey, if this is a choice you want to make every now and then... more power to ya). Even just simple dishes like a pasta dinner or scrambled eggs could easily be taught to all students. When students know about nutrition and how to actually cook these healthy meals, they're gonna be way more likely to make them... it's that simple!

10. Finding Your Passion

This is easier said than done, and a course on this would be difficult, but so worth it. Schools should teach students how to set goals, allow them to step outside of their comfort zones to discover what they love, and ultimately, shape them into the amazing people we all can be.

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