10 Things Not To Do In The Drive-Thru
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10 Things Not To Do In The Drive-Thru

(Or, 10 Ways to Make Fast-Food Workers Hate You)

10 Things Not To Do In The Drive-Thru

Who doesn't love fast-food? It's quick, it's convenient, and although it's definitely not the greatest for you, it does taste pretty darn good when you're alone and starving at 3 a.m.

As someone who has worked in fast food for almost two years now, I would like to share some things that we fast-food workers would really appreciate if you stopped doing:

1. Yelling "HELLO????" immediately when you pull to the speaker.

For those who don't know, when a car pulls to the speaker, the weight triggers a sensor that beeps for us. We also have a monitor. We can see you. We know you're there, and we will get to you. We're just probably doing something else right now that we couldn't immediately drop to take your order. Please be patient. Because even if I do stop to ask you to please wait one moment, you'll probably start ordering anyway and I'll have to again break it to you that you have to wait. So just please spare both of us the trouble and wait patiently.

2. Ordering things that are not on the menu.

Although I'm sure you love onion rings, this is McDonald's, not Burger King. Please try again. Please familiarize yourself with the menu of where you're going. It's not only depressing for you when you realize that no, we don't sell Frosty's, but annoying for us, and everyone in line behind you, to now have to wait 5 minutes for you to figure out what you actually want. This also goes for items that were discontinued three years ago. I also really wish we still had Reese's McFlurries. But complaining about the lack of availability of an old item is not going to make it appear in my store.

3. Not knowing what you want.

Please come with some idea of what you're trying to order. There is nothing worse than having a line down the highway, and then having the next person at the speaker tell you that they actually need a minute, and then listening to them sit there for 5 minutes talking on the phone. Happens surprisingly often. Also, if you do order something and change your mind, that's fine I understand. But when you order five things and then last minute decide actually you just want one completely different item, I will be annoyed. Food gets made as it's ordered, so all that food was probably already made in the time you were ordering, and now it'll probably go to waste. This works the same way for ordering 10 sandwiches and that telling me right before you pull off that you don't want any onions.

4. Paying in all coins.

Please don't. This is probably self-explanatory. I've given up and at this point try to just trust that you gave me the right amount, but there's nothing worse than having to count out $10 in nickles and dimes, especially when you're trying to move a drive-thru line.

5. Ignoring us.

There's nothing worse than speaking to someone and being blatantly ignored. If I'm trying to repeat your order to you and you drive off, it's not my fault when it's wrong.

6. Yelling.

I'm so sorry that we got your order wrong (for rather, that you ordered wrong, which is more often the case). I'm going to try to fix it for you, so you really don't need to scream at me too.

7. Adding on items at the last window.

I cam sort of understand if you've forgotten something and want to add it on before you pay, but please do not come to pick up your food and tell us that you actually want 3 more Big Macs. You're now backing up the entire line, and will be the reason people yell at us for how slow things are moving. Same thing for condiments. If you want ketchup, BBQ sauce, napkins, and two extra bags, please tell us all at once. Don't add another item to the list every time we come back with the prior one. The extra time adds up, and it's inconvenient.

8. Ignoring the first window.

It's not an overstatement when I tell you that at least 10 times a shift I have to flag people back to my window because they've zoomed right past me. We told you to pay at the first window. This is the first window. Please pay attention. Chasing after customers for money is not something we enjoy. This also makes it easier for orders to get messed up and is inconvenient for everyone. Please don't.

9. Being impatient.

When you come through the drive-thru at 3 a.m. stoned and craving ice-cream, I'm probably one of 3 people working in the entire store. I'm sorry if there's a line. Please don't get upset with me. I'm trying.

10. Not knowing how to order a meal.

If there is a number with an item, that's a meal. Do not order the Number 4 and then tell me you just want the sandwich. That gets rung in differently. Similarly, don't order a sandwich and then ask where your fries are. Please know what you want and how to order it, because having to prompt customers for six different drinks for various meals they ordered is horrendous. Please don't make me ask you for your drink order. Please tell me that you want whatever meal and then simply drive off.

Please try to take these things into consideration next time you come through any fast-food joint. It'll save us both a lot of time and frustration.

Regardless, thank you for your continued support in funding my paycheck.

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