10 Things I Miss Most About Hallahan HS
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10 Things I Miss Most About Hallahan HS

O girls of the Hallahan High!

10 Things I Miss Most About Hallahan HS

The other day I saw a Hallahan girl walking down the street. I knew she went to Hallahan because of the distinct uniform we all know. The saddle shoes with the colored laces, the distinct polyester jumper, colored lanyard, and the infamous sweater. I said to myself "Wow, what I would do to go back." Here's a list of 10 things I miss most about Hallahan:

1. The Sisterhood

I miss being surrounded by my close friends all day. I never knew what it was like to have a sister until I came to Hallahan. I miss not having to worry about what I looked like when I came to school because it was a judgement free zone. I miss the constant support from my Hallahan sisters. Some of the girls I met in high school will be my life long friends, while others I know would be there for me in an instant if I needed something. The power of the Hallahan sisterhood is something every girl needs to experience, in my opinion.

2. The Center City Location

I miss going to school in the heart of center city Philly. This is something I complained about a lot in high school because of the traffic and the SEPTA bus I had to take every day, but looking back I actually miss this aspect a lot. I learned so many skills by having to learn how to navigate the city on a daily basis. I gained confidence in myself that I never knew I had.

3. The Uniform

I miss not having to worry about what to wear on a daily basis. College showed me that it is a true struggle having to pick out a different outfit every day. I miss the symbolism in the uniform, the laces and the lanyard. Also, somehow I was able to wear the same saddle shoes all 4 years, despite my morning 4 block walk to school from the bus. To this day, I still have my school sweater. I wear it occasionally because it is really comfortable despite the holes in the sleeves.

4. Fountain Jump

I miss my favorite day of the entire year. No amount of words can explain the rush of Fountain Jump. Jumping into Swann Memorial Fountain at Logan Square to celebrate the end of the school year is the greatest feeling ever. So much happiness and sisterhood is present.

5. Kairos

I miss the amazing experience that is Kairos. Kairos is something that brings people closer together in so many different ways. There is an unspoken, secrete aspect of Kairos that makes it even more special.

6. The Connections

I miss having the amazing connections to people just because of Hallahan's location and history. The Mayor made random visits to my school just because he felt like it. How many people can say that the Mayor look a group of your friends at school to the movies one day? The central location and Hallahan's history opens up so many doors and opportunities.

7. The service

I miss the memories I made with girls while volunteering at an open house. We would willingly come to school on the weekend to tell other girls how much we loved our school.

8. The Academics

Even though classes were challenging at times, I am forever grateful for the teachers who challenged their students. In high school, I would always complain about all the homework and tests. Little did I know that it would pay off when I went to college. The skills I learned in high school definitely helped me in college.

9. Mickey Mouse

I miss our mascot, Mickey Mouse. There will never be a time when I see something Mickey Mouse related and not think of Hallahan.

10. Tradition

I miss participating in the same traditions as my mom. My mom attended Hallahan as well and it was great to compare our experiences. I miss Hallahan Day, Sophomore Spirit Day, Ring Mass, and Prom just to name a few of the Hallahan traditions.

Of course, every day was not rainbows and butterflies as with any high school experience, but I hope we all can agree that these are some of the things we all miss about Hallahan. Please share any other experiences that you miss about Hallahan in the comments.

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