10 Things I Miss About Cedar Rapids

You know how siblings have that weird relationship where they can pick on each other as much as they want, but as soon as someone else says something mean they are at each other's defense in an instant? That is the relationship I have with my hometown, Cedar Rapids, IA. Yes, I know, Iowa is the bane of Minnesota's existence - but you know why? It's because Iowa is better and Minnesota is jealous. To prove my point, here are ten things I miss about my hometown.

1. The smell of Crunch Berries from Quaker Oats.

2. There are Hy-Vee's all over the place.

3. The Downtown Farmer's Market in the summertime.

4. The hipster side of downtown.

5. My Dunkin' Donuts happy hour time (enjoying a half price medium iced latte with hazelnut swirl and a sugar raised donut).

6. The close proximity of Marion and Mt. Vernon with their awesome specialty shops.

7. The traffic on Collins Road and Blairs Ferry Road at rush hour (totally kidding).

8. Betty Jane Home Made Candies.

9. The memories (both good and bad) that come with driving past my high school.

10. Most importantly, my beautiful home and awesome family!

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