10 Things I Have Learned So Far As A Freshman At Radford University
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10 Things I Have Learned So Far As A Freshman At Radford University

"1. Do not let anyone see that red lanyard you got from Quest."

10 Things I Have Learned So Far As A Freshman At Radford University
Hannah Hale

Before coming to Radford University, I was worried about being a freshman. I did not want to be clueless about anything and I wanted to seem like I had it together. Radford is a friendly place, but you still can't help but giggle at a confused freshman roaming around a building trying to find which door leads to Starbucks. I have tried to absorb things as fast as I could, so here are 10 things I have learned so far as a freshman here at Radford.

1. Do not let anyone see that red lanyard you got from Quest.

In fact, don't get caught with a lanyard at all. Lanyards are a sure sign of a freshman and you will get called out from across the lawn by frat boys. If it's the red lanyard, you are just a sitting duck for slander.

2. Custom ordering at Au Bon Pain is a terrible idea if you have class in 20 minutes.

Au Bon Pain is an extremely popular lunch spot for students, but during the busy times it will take years for you to get your sandwich. To be fair, the cooking space the employees get is minimal so it takes longer to get everything done. It still sucks when you didn't realize that and now you are 10 minutes late to your Geology lab.

3. The Radford squirrels do not understand the concept of personal space.

You haven't lived until you have had a fat squirrel with a Chic-fil-a waffle fry dangling from its mouth almost crawl up your pant leg. That's all I have to say on this matter.

4. It's okay you accidentally passed out in the library.

You know it's finals week when you see students napping on the big bean bags next to the desks in the library. What else would they be there for? By the way, your backpack makes a great pillow when you are crashing from Red Bull.

5. You will never be able to rotate your clothes because we go through every season in a week.

There have been weeks when Monday is sunny and warm, Wednesday is snowy and freezing, and Friday is thunderstorm central. I don't have room in my closet for the range of clothes I need to be comfortable in this ever-changing climate.

6. Skateboarders see you as an opportunity.

I understand that skateboarding to class is quicker and fun, but it would be nice not to fear for my life when I hear those wheels on the sidewalk. There have been so many instances where a skateboarder has come straight for me only to swerve at the last second. Why would you play with my emotions like this?

7. Layers, baby, layers.

It may be 31 degrees outside and snowing, but I do not recommend wearing that thick sweater with an undershirt and a heavy jacket to class. As soon as you walk through the doors in Waldron Hall, you'll be drenched with sweat and fainting from the heat. There is no balance. Layers will save your life.

8. Starbucks every day is awesome until your meal plan is used up with half a semester left to go.

Trust me, it happens to the best of us.

9. If you want to make friends with 20 people in under a minute, take a dog onto campus.

Dogs are like the ultimate college kid trap. I have seen people sprinting across the lawn to get to a corgi wearing a bandana. I have seen grown men fall to their knees in the presence of a puppy. There is no greater weakness we have.

10. I would never want to go anywhere else.

Radford is beautiful and unique. There is nothing but opportunity and fun here, and there are always good people to help you along the way.

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