Growing up I was always the girl that dreamed of finding the perfect guy at a young age, who wasn't? I had my first love in high school that lasted two years of high school and one semester in college. Although it wasn't the easiest adjustment being single in a brand new environment with all strangers, I learned the importance of my independence and how important it is to take the time in your early 20s to do things for yourself, by yourself.

1. Finding yourself.

As cliche as this saying is, it's so true. College is full of ups and downs, mentally, physically and socially. If you truly believe in yourself and your goals, you will never have to worry about what other people think of you.

2. Doing whatever you please, whenever you please.

It's nice when you can make decisions for yourself without having to worry about what someone else is doing. The focus on yourself and your personal happiness is something that you sacrifice when entering into a relationship.

3. It saves money.

College students struggle financially so skipping out on the birthday, Christmas, "just cause" gifts saves you a lot of money.

4. The timing of college.

College is known as the "hookup culture" and oftentimes people are at different maturity levels with different intentions. Finding the right person is hard and rare. Why not continue doing your own thing?

5. Setting YOUR goals.

When entering into a relationship in college, you tend to think about what the other person is going to do after college. You are less likely to study abroad because you don't want to be away from your significant other. The goals you've always had are all the sudden set aside because of someone else. By allowing yourself to be single in college, one less thing is in your way.

6. Building friendships.

Spending 90% of your free time with your friends, what's better than that?

7. Finding what you like or dislike most.

Being single is the only way to explore what you truly like or dislike most in a significant other.

8. Focusing on school.

Without the distraction of a boyfriend/girlfriend, doing well in school becomes a #1 priority.

9. Never feeling obligated to answer anyone.

Although I do spend a good amount of time on my phone, I've found that since I've been single I value face to face conversations more while I put my phone aside.

10. Single and minglin'.

Have fun with it.