10 Things Every 2000s Kids Will Remember
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10 Things Every 2000s Kids Will Remember

Calling all 2000s kids who need a serious dose of nostalgia.

10 Things Every 2000s Kids Will Remember

The 90s were a great time to be born, but the early 2000s was where it was at. Some consider us as millennials, others consider us Generation Z, but at at the end of the day, we are one of the first to live in a completely connected world. For most of us, the computer and internet was always at our fingertips. So for all those early 2000s kids, here are 10 things you will most definitely recognize and have a serious case of nostalgia.

1. Tamagotchis

If this little device didn't teach you about parenting, I don't know what will.

2. Digital cameras

Every elementary an middle schooler felt like a professional photographer with one of these in their possession. Digital cameras were perfect for documenting all your adventures with your friends you would later put into a scrapbook.

3. Nintendo DS

It was a big deal to have this touch-screen gaming device. Before you and your friends had phones to text or Snapchat, PictoChat was the best way of communicating. From creating silly designs or sending cryptic messages, the Nintendo DS was not only great as a gaming system but was equally as amazing for its communication features (as long as your DS's were close enough in range).

4. iPod Shuffle

The idea that such a small device could hold thousands of songs without having to switch CDs was a revolutionary idea; especially with all the colors to choose from, and kid could be rocking to their favorite tunes in style.

5. Silly Bands

These bracelets at one point became a form of currency in the middle school hallways; the more bands you possessed, the cooler you became. However, this fad quickly disappeared as more and more schools began to ban the bracelets due to the fact some kids experienced a loss of circulation.

6. Juicy Couture

These tracksuits were the staple outfit in the middle school hallways. Always styled with a pair of UGG boots and the overwhelming scent of a Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer, every girl felt like a queen in the school hallways with these colorful tracksuits.

7. Webkinz

Forget about checking Facebook or Instagram, the Webkinz website was the first thing most of us went to right after school. From building your mansion to mining gems to spinning the daily wheel, Webkinz couldn't have been more addiciting.

8. Crocs

These were definitly a fashion mistake most of us try to forget.

9. Going to 3D movies

Before Digital 3D made its way into the movie industry, these red and blue glasses were the only way to have the best movie expierence.

10. Disney Channel Intros

Whenever this came on the TV you knew it was going to be a good time.

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