10 Things All New York City Kids Are Excited To Come Home To
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10 Things All New York City Kids Are Excited To Come Home To

For everyone who moved out of the city to start a new college adventure

10 Things All New York City Kids Are Excited To Come Home To
Amber Hamilton

Now that my freshman year is coming to a close, I could not be more excited to move back home for the summer. I missed my dog, my big TV, and the MTA (just kidding). But, more than anything, I missed my precious city. I've adjusted to life outside of New York City pretty well, but there are just certain things that I cannot get while I'm up at school. Nothing compares to home. So for everyone who's moved out of their favorite city, and their home, to start a new college adventure, here are ten things I know you've missed just as much as I have...

1. A New York Breakfast

Yes, the beloved NYC breakfast. I know everyone's missed a bacon, egg and cheese with an iced coffee (regular, of course) or an Arizona. Whether or not you eat it on a bagel or a roll, no other breakfast could compare. If you were as lucky as I was in high school, you got to have this NYC delicacy before you went to school and began your day. Unfortunately, grocery store bagels and dining hall breakfast sandwiches don't even come close. I'm counting down the days till I get these babies back into my life. (P.S. The beauty in this picture is from Space Market in the city. Go there.)

2. The beach

Unless you go to school on the beach, it's been a really long winter at college. The beach may be a hike depending where you live, but no matter what, the trip is worth it. I cannot wait until I'm back on the beach with my friends and a Pickles and Pies sandwich pounding back Twisted Teas. I may regret saying this, but I'm very excited to be burnt to a crisp and pantsless on the Q53. Waking up at 9 a.m. to drive to Jones Beach with my mom on the weekends isn't as bad as morning me makes it out to be either. Once my stuff from school is unpacked my stuff from school, you can be sure that I'll be packing a beach bag full of towels, summer reads, a speaker, a MetroCard and a bottle opener. See you soon sun and sand!

3. Italian Ices

When I came to school, I thought that everyone had a Ralph's. It turns out that that is not the case. I feel bad for anyone that has not had the pleasure of a trip to Ralph's or even better, Pesso's. As a Queens girl, Pesso's is a staple in my summer life, but if you have to settle for Ralph's, you've still lucked out. However, if you get to the Lemon Ice King of Corona, you've won. There is nothing more exciting than the thought of sitting outside Pesso's with my dog and eating a peach ice with graham crackers while he has at a kids size vanilla.

4. Home friends

I have missed my home friends so much. FaceTime, group chats, and winter break get togethers just were not enough for me. I cannot wait to spend all my free time getting into trouble with them again. Nothing is better than driving around, reminiscing about after prom, shit talking people from high school and laughing until we cry. I've also missed their families almost as much as I've missed them. C'mon finals, I'm over you! We've got a lot of catching up to do! Next stop? Adam's Deli.

5. Concerts

Summer concerts are absolutely essential to a New York City resident. Between Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, Jones Beach, Randall's Island and every where in between, summer vacation is the perfect time to listen to your favorite bands and dance outside. Jones Beach is great for tailgating, the nose bleed seats have an amazing view, and you can even sit on the beach and listen for free. Don't let the cancellation of Farnborough get you down, because Governors Ball, Warped Tour and Mad Decent Block Party are still on their way. I've got some awesome stuff lined up, but if you're lucky enough to go to GovBall, please have a beer for me.

6. Always having something to do

New York is the greatest city in the world, duh. So whether you've been meaning to cross a few foodie spots off your bucket list or check out the Whitney, summer is the perfect time to do it! There's not an excuse to being bored if you live in New York, there's just not. Go to the Natural History Museum, or the MoMa! Skip out on MoSex (trust me, it's not worth it). Hit up Smorgasbord! Explore a new borough! Have an outdoor brunch with friends like the classy New Yorker you know you are! Buy cheap Mets tickets and be the un-classy New Yorkers that you actually are! Just for the love of God don't sit at home!

7. Your favorite food places

New Park Pizza. That's A Wrap. Cristina's Deli. Bagel Oasis. 10 Below. Big Gay Ice Cream. Nugget Spot. Insomnia Cookies. Baked by Melissa. Rosemary's... oh my god ROSEMARY'S. I could go on forever. I've been dying without having my favorite foods just a train ride or a phone call away. I can't wait to eat a ShackBurger in the park on a beautiful day... even if the wait on line is over an hour long. Treat yourself to some mac and cheese bites and a way over priced drink from the Sugar Factory too, because god dammit we've been waiting to come home for long enough.

8. Your family

No more calls home, no more homesickness, no more missing get-togethers, no more "I wish I was at Sunday dinner right now"'s. You're back! Above almost everything else, I cannot wait to have my family back. One of the greatest things about being home is being with your family again, no matter how annoying they can be. Cuddling with my mom, taking a motorcycle ride with my dad, Friday dinners on the Island, it all just sounds so right. I'm more than ready for barbecues and pool time with everyone, and it's been way too long since I've had a good burger. I've missed my family so much, that I don't even think that I can pretend to be annoyed when my nanny asks me to get her a beer. I just know that they've missed having their favorite niece/granddaughter/cousin/daughter around too.

9. The dialect

Hear me out, I cannot wait to be back with a group of people who all "tawk" like I do again. All -er sounds will once again be replaced with -a's. It will be a great day when I no longer have to explain what I mean by "finesse", "deep", or "ohdee". And more than anything, I am DONEwith the debates over dialect. At home it's ON line, it's Reese's (ree-says), it's the DRAW, not the drawer, and most importantly, it's not wicked good, it's MAD good. No New Yorker would fight me on any of those things. That's the way it always has been and that's the way it will always be. When I come back to school next semester and I sound like Fran Drescher, my summer goal will officially be accomplished. #BringBackMyAccent2K16

10. Parks

Whether you prefer Juniper Valley, Astoria Park, Central Park, Bryant Park, the Highline or anything else, spending a gorgeous summer day in a New York park is beyond comparison. Washington Park was a nice substitute (thanks Albany), but nothing could ever replace my beloved Washington Square. There's no better way to spend a sunny day than a picnic on the grass, a splash in the Washington Square fountain, a stroll through the Union Square Market, or a walk through the many parts of Central Park. So ladies, break out your cameras and guys, brace yourself for all the Instagram posts. Summers in the park are back and I've got some good outfits lined up.

Soon Billy Joel, Fetty Wap, honking horns and heavy accents will be all I can hear. I'll go to sleep with the dull roar of construction and traffic in my ear and wake up to landscapers working outside of my apartment at an ungodly hour. I'll be sipping sweet tea at lunch with my best friend and bullshitting with her on the Highline until we have to run to catch our trains home, screaming that we love each other across Penn Station. I'll be browsing @newforkcity on Instagram looking for the latest ice cream place. I'll tear things up Dirty Albs style at Calico Jacks (I'm looking at you, college friends from the boroughs). I'll order a bad boy from Cristina's after a long night. I'll sit in train traffic on a hot F train wondering why bad things happen to good people. I'll be home. So, my New York City kids, if you need some finals motivation, just know your bodega man is waiting for you to come home too. The 718 and the 212 has been calling... and it's time to answer. Next stop, New York City!

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