10 Things All Education Majors Are Tired Of Hearing
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10 Things All Education Majors Are Tired Of Hearing

8. "Hopefully you'll marry rich"

10 Things All Education Majors Are Tired Of Hearing
Neenah Eben

Being a teacher is one of the most rewarding careers that one can choose. Being an education major means working hard in school, being creative with lesson plans all while keeping up to date with technology and professional development.

After telling someone that I am an education major, a majority of the comments are along these lines:

1. "Bless your soul"

Everyone who isn't an education major thinks that being a teacher would be one of the worst jobs in the world. Those who hate kids will never understand how rewarding being a teacher is.

2. "You won't make a good salary"

All education majors are aware that teachers do not earn the highest salary. Education majors are not becoming teachers for the money, but that means they have a passion for teaching in the classroom.

3. "You want to work with children for the rest of your life?"

Every teacher that I have interviewed for my education courses have told me that the students are their favorite part of the job. Watching students learn and grow is an amazing experience that only teachers get to experience every day.

4. "Standardized testing"

Don't forget to prepare students for state testing and the ACT, but also don't forget to make the lesson fun.

5. "Education is an easy major"

Take a look at an education major's schedule. You will find classroom observations and placements, endless papers, and practice lesson plans on top of the homework and exams from other classes. Education majors do not simply pick the easiest major.

6. "Common Core Standards"

Do your practice lesson plans follow the state Common Core Standards?

7. "That's nice, you'll get weekends and summers off"

Although school is not in session, summers are full of lesson planning for the upcoming year while weekends are spent grading exams, papers, and worksheets. When the school day is done at 3:00, teachers have to grade papers, help students, coach a sport or extracurricular activity.

8. "Hopefully you'll marry rich"

We get it. Teacher's don't make the biggest salaries.

9. "So, you basically get paid to babysit?"

If being a teacher and a babysitter were the same thing, you wouldn't need a degree to teach. Anyone who thinks teaching is like babysitting has never had to teach an entire lesson to a classroom full of middle school students.

10. "You're going to be a teacher?"

Yes, yes I am.

Although being an education major is not the most glamorous or highest paying job, the rewards and passion that go along with teaching are not found in any other career. All of the hard work that has been put into your education will one day pay off when you watch your first student succeed.

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