1. Oh, there's a storm and you have to connect to your satellite Internet? Sorry, no internet for you.

I have lived 15 minutes outside of town my entire life, and it wasn’t until middle school that we could get satellite internet where it went from a web page loading in seven minutes to loading in five. When a storm rolls around, you can forget using the internet, because it will be down until the next day

2. Having to travel over 15 minutes to buy groceries or eat at a restaurant

I have never been able to jump in the car and drive just down the street to get food or go grocery shopping. The trip into town requires planning and if you forget something, well, you’ll just have to wait until the next week when you go into town again

3. Never having a pizza delivered to your house

Never in my 21 years have I ever had Dominos or Pizza Hut delivered to my house. I thought it was amazing to go to a friend's house and have someone bring pizza or other food to your house

4. Having to commute to school

I’ve had a 30-minute commute to school my entire life. I hate it.

5. When it snows or ices over, you’re stuck

Because let’s face it, who wants to drive all the way out to save you?

6. Living far away from all of your friends

I never had neighborhood friends. I saw my friends at school, or if I saw them away from school it was because my mom made the drive to take me to them.

7. You probably grew up on a farm or ranch where your day started at daybreak

All of your friends were sleeping in and going out and riding their bikes, while you were feeding animals or collecting eggs in the chicken coop and eating breakfast all before your friends were awake

8. A music artist never coming to your town to play

You have to drive a long way away to see your favorite artist, because they’ve never heard of the little blip in the map that is your town

9. Not having neighbors/not knowing your neighbors

In the city, you can go next door and ask if you can borrow a cup of sugar. Out in the middle of nowhere, you’re lucky if you see more than six cars pass by your house in a day. You most likely can’t see your neighbors house

10. Having a limited number of places you can eat when you go into town

When you go into town, there are only so many places you can eat without getting bored. If you want to eat somewhere else, you probably are going to have to drive at least another 30 minutes to find something different. It gets old, fast.

Living in the middle of nowhere can be struggle, but at the same time it can be a blessing. Being able to look up and see the stars at night beats any view in the world. You’ve probably developed a pretty creative imagination, because you had to be outside playing by yourself your entire life or with the animals out on the ranch or farm. I wouldn’t trade having fresh food for any meal at a fast food restaurant. I still hate the Internet though. AT&T, you need to get on that.