10 Struggles Of Being A "Big Girl"

All my life I have been the bigger girl. Being a bigger girl you hear things such as "you are pretty for a bigger girl" or "that would look better on someone smaller". From every day struggles, to bigger things like finding the perfect prom/formal dress, all us "big" girls know these so well. Here are 10 things the "bigger" girl is tired of hearing.

1. You are pretty for a bigger girl.

No I am just pretty. There is no add-on. There should never be an add-on.

2. That would look better in a bigger size.

No I feel comfortable and confident in this size. I don't have to have baggy clothes to look good.

3. That looks better on someone skinnier.

No it looks good on me that's why I am wearing it.

4. Bigger girls don't look good with long hair.

Um try again. We look fabulous with all hair styles.

5. You could probably lose weight if you tried.

You don't know my life. Don't tell me what I can and can't do. Maybe I struggle with it, but thanks for pointing it out.

6. You shouldn't wear a bikini.

Why? Just why? Do people feel as if they have the privilege to tell us how we can dress and where. If I want to wear one and I feel comfortable then you are the only one with an issue.

7. The "looks".

You know the ones you get trying on clothes or grocery shopping. You don't know me. You don't know my life. You don't know who all the food is for. Maybe I am not going to eat it all alone.

8. People seem to only see your size sometimes.

I am more than my size so get to know me...especially guys. Guys are the worst.

9. Girls are really cruel to each other.

Why do we girls tear each other apart always? We should build each other up.

10. Finally, the biggest struggle of all is ... Not caring about your "thigh gap".

Cool you have one good for you!! Yay! Well, I am closer to mermaid status than you are so.

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