With the October weather on the east coast all out of whack, I've been feeling some serious nostalgia for the summer months. Since I make playlists for practically every mood I am in, I decided that I definitely needed one to put myself back in a happy summer mood! Here are 10 songs that will take you straight to a day on the beach in June.

10. Jubel / Klingande

I picked this one straight off a playlist my friend entitled “Chiller Than Ur Last Bitch” so I’m assuming that one will speak for itself… nevertheless this is a great song.

9. Something About You – ODESZA Remix / Hayden James

Similar in style, it felt so good to find this song on a rainy day when I could be reminded of sunny days!

8. Aloha / Mome

Aloha to summertime! As always, Mome produces nothing but greatness.

7. Mississippi / The Griswolds

This may be a 2013 throwback but The Griswolds always seem to end up on my summer playlists somehow!

6. Sunshine / POWERS

Some songs just give you a happy feeling. This is one. Let it fill you up with sunshine.

5. Swim / Fickle Friends

This has always been one of my favorite songs to drive to, and the best memories associated with this always include warm weather and driving with the sunroof open.

4. Boardwalks – Sonny Alven Remix / Little May

I can’t remember exactly how I first came across this song but all I can say is that I’m so glad that I did.

3. Kings of Summer (feat. Quinn XCII) / ayokay

Kings of Summer went straight onto my September playlist as soon as I discovered it, because I was having some serious nostalgia throughout the month for summertime.

2. Do You Remember / St. Lucia

You can never go wrong with St. Lucia, and as the opener to their 2016 album Matter it sets the bar for a catchy record complete with synthpop sound.

1. Make a New Dance Up / Hey Ocean!

Happy and fun vibes that literally make you wanna dance!

Check out my Spotify to listen to the full playlist!