10 Small Victories For Everyone Whose Roommate Is Also Their Best Friend

There is nothing more frightening than reading a bunch of roommate horror stories weeks before starting college. Some of the stories are so ridiculous that you can't help but laugh, but others are deeply disturbing and would leave any college student shaking in their boots. Sometimes, however, you just get super lucky and find a roommate that functions as your better half. Let's talk about some of the small victories associated with finding that awesome roommate and partner in crime.

1. You never have to endure eating meals alone.

Walking into a busy dining hall can be much like an unwanted flashback into high school days, fighting for a seat and hoping to find some friends to sit with along the way. However, when your roommate is awesome, they will understand your dining anxieties and make sure to always accompany you on all of your random treks for food, even the sporadic 11pm cookie-hunt.

2. You speak your own language of inside jokes that the rest of the world simply does not understand.

Whether it's about life on your floor, embarrassing stories from back home, or something stupid you did three weeks ago, you and your roommate can communicate solely through obnoxious laughter and off the wall references, and it is glorious.

3. If you suddenly just have a lot of feelings and it's 1 am, your roommate is sure to be there to talk it out and make you laugh.

Your roommate is your automatic go-to anytime you need some cheering up, and you couldn't be more thankful.

4. You have the perfect person to go on double dates with.

Eventually, you form a "couple's squad" and can grab dinner or dessert together whenever you want!

5. You have very similar living habits so sharing such close quarters isn't a problem.

Your roommate doesn't roll their eyes every time you attempt to study in bed while simultaneously downing an entire bag of M&M's because they just get you. They also don't complain about how you sometimes randomly talk in your sleep because they're always too dead to even realize it.

6. You guys leave each other cute little notes to get through the day.

Your mirror and white board are littered with cutesy notes, distorted drawings, silly reminders, and countdowns for approaching birthdays, holidays, or highly anticipated breaks.

7. You have an automatic date to every campus function.

Whether it's an a cappella concert, club interest meeting, or a random event with free food, you roommate is sure to accompany as your "plus one."

8. Walking alone is a thing of the past.

Never again will you have to endure lonely, awkward walks to the mailroom, library, or coffee shop. Your roommate will likely tag along with you and make the most of the trip. You two love making special appearances around campus together.

9. If you happen to have your roommate in any of your classes, you automatically know who to partner with for group assignments.

Frantically scanning the classroom for someone to work with when your professors utters the words, "Pair up!" can be rather daunting. What if you get stuck with someone who doesn't pull their own weight? The situation can be very stressful, but if your roommate is in your class, all you two have to do is exchange glances, nod in agreement, and watch the terror unfold in the eyes of your partnerless classmates.

10. They have seen you at your best and your worst and love you anyway, which probably means they will be your friend for life.

If your roommate has witnessed you eat twice your own body weight in cheese or listened to you endlessly rant about irrelevant drama from four years ago, they are probably in this for the long haul, and that's pretty special.

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