10 Simple Things To Love About Living In Pullman, Washington
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10 Simple Things To Love About Living In Pullman, Washington

Each thing has made me feel at home and happy to spend this time of my life here.

10 Simple Things To Love About Living In Pullman, Washington
Shannon Steffen

Throughout the four semesters I have spent in Pullman, I have found numerous unique things around the town to fall in love with that wouldn’t always be acknowledged by someone just passing through. A couple of these things are larger and more notable than others, but each one has made me feel at home and happy to spend this time of my life here.

1. Coffee Shops

Being someone who loves to grab coffee to catch up with friends or a hot chocolate while doing homework in an aesthetically pleasing location, I am always looking for cozy cafes to be productive and social in. Thanks to Pullman and its various coffee shops to choose from, I look for any excuse to grab a couple bucks, my laptop and a friend to go down to Roost or the Daily Grind.

2. Autumn

While we experience some hot summers and cold winters, it is all worth the beautiful autumn season. Late September through early November is full of colorful leaves that flood the streets and week long Halloweens. Driving down any street is picturesque and it’s a comfortable weather to walk around outside or to classes.

3. Sanctuary Yoga

A gem to Pullman yogis of all levels, Sanctuary is the perfect place to relax and unwind after whatever kind of day you might be having. The instructors are encouraging, motivating and accepting of everyone that walks through their doors into the calming atmosphere.

4. Airport

There is nothing more convenient for an out of state student than the Pullman airport. Having to drive less than ten minutes to get there and never having to wait in an hour long line for security makes travel much less stressful.

5. Moscow Food Co-op and Farmer’s Market

Located in just a town over are these treasures. If you want to eat local foods and feel healthy, this is what you are looking for. The Farmer’s Market is offered every Saturday in May through October and the Food Co-op is available year round.

6. Sunsets

Anyone who has lived in Pullman knows that you are guaranteed to see a sunset snap story at least once a week. With colors that light up the sky and the Palouse, we never go too long without a brilliant view.

7. Resonate Church

This has been a place that has recently caused my heart to grow inexplicably. Resonate is a church that is currently available on several different college campuses throughout Washington and Oregon and we are so blessed to have one, the original, here in Pullman.

8. Palouse Falls

Not too far of a car ride away you’ll find the adventure that is Palouse Falls. The first time I came to this sight, I was overwhelmed by the feeling of looking down at this deep waterfall and vast canyon. It is the perfect day trip to take in the outdoors with friends.

9. Thompson Flats

My favorite part of the Washington State campus is looking up at the spread of grass that reaches underneath Thompson Hall. This is essentially the perfect playground when it comes to sunbathing in the summer and sledding in the winter.

10. People

The thing I will always cherish most about Pullman is the genuine and irreplaceable people I have met while here. Most everyone you see will shoot you a smile, or wish you a good day upon interaction. I have made best friends while living here and they have proven to be some of the best humans I have ever met.

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