10 Signs You Grew Up In Stillwater, Oklahoma

10 Signs You Grew Up In Stillwater, Oklahoma

We bleed blue, gold and orange.

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Stillwater, Oklahoma is best known for being the home of the brightest orange in the country, Oklahoma State University. As much as we have loved growing up around Saturday game days and America's Greatest Homecoming, there is much more to this town than what just meets the surface. Go 'neers, am I right?

1. Pleasant Valley School

Pleasant Valley is a cherished school within the walls of Stillwater. The school was built in 1899 and continued to function as a one-room school until 1941. If you grew up in Stillwater, you spent 1 day out of your elementary education and went on a field trip to Pleasant Valley. We would bake homemade breads and arrive in our cotton dresses and hair braids.

2. Eskimo Joe's, Mexico Joe's and RIP Joseppi's

Eskimo Joe's is not a tourist spot, it is where we have our Sunday night dinners. And Joseppi's will forever be the most missed restaurant in Stillwater. Make a comeback, Stan?

3. Movie Theatre

Sorry, Carmike. I cannot count how many times I have been told that this theater either has bed bugs or mold. Nonetheless, this is where most of our "first dates" took place in Stillwater.

4. RIP Diary Queen

Mcalister's is now the new hot spot where our beloved DQ once resided. We spent many of our days in the Diary Queen playground.

5. New Walmart vs. Old Walmart

Common knowledge is to not shop the old Walmart after dark.

6. Swick's and CiCi's Pizza

Numerous birthday parties were spent at these two pizza restaurants.

7. Playing hostage and TP houses

As you may already be aware, there are not very many opportunities for activities in Stillwater, so we made our own fun. Sorry, Mom and Dad.

8. Boomer Lake 4th of July Celebration

Without a doubt, this is where us locals unite and spend our 4th of July every single summer.

9. Cookies the size of your face in Middle School

Not that we ever complained about having to use a fork to eat these.

10. Aspen Coffee

Forever arguing that Aspen Coffee is the best coffee in all of the nation.

Outsiders arrive as anxious freshmen and leave as exhausted seniors. Most of them do not see past Monroe St. And most of them don't see the best parts of this small town. There is much more to this town than what meets the eye.

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