Whether you've graduated from Lyman Hall or you are a current student, I know there are some things we can all agree on are give aways of where we're from. from the hallway traffic in B-hall to the insane powderpuff games this is what makes us, us.

1. You always expected to move .0003 mph in B hall, especially after lunch, because you know, traffic.2. You looked forward to lunch in the courtyard since freshman year3. You know that we’re all labeled “country” for our infamous vo-ag program.

    4. You all saw/knew a group of guys who wore camo and work boots almost every single day.

    5. You know the struggle of having one class in G hall and the next in A hall because it's on the complete opposite side of the school but you have seven minutes, so it's OK.

    6. You know lunch is kind of like a zoo, and if you’re buying lunch you better get there early if you expect to actually have time to eat it. 7. The library is where you went every single study hall to avoid either obnoxiousness or overly strict study hall teachers.

    8. You’ve heard every condom joke because our school mascot is a trojan

    9. You hate Sheehan. you have no reasoning, you just know it's what you’re supposed to do.

    10. You went to powderpuff games religiously because let's face it they’re always 100 percent better than our football games.