20 Signs You Have A Bunch Of Siblings
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20 Signs You Have A Bunch Of Siblings

For anyone who found the movie "Cheaper by the Dozen" extremely relatable.

20 Signs You Have A Bunch Of Siblings

At times, growing up with a bunch of siblings felt like growing up on the island depicted in the Lord of the Flies—shout out to anyone who actually read that book when it was assigned reading in high school because I honestly didn't, but the Spark Notes video (yes video, I was too lazy to even read the Spark Notes) was very informative, BUT I DIGRESS—because there was very rarely any adults around and all of my brothers and sisters turned into crazy savages on occasion. Don't get me wrong, I love those savages, but trust me when I say, things can get pretty ruthless in a big family. Nonetheless, I wouldn't trade growing up the way I did for anything because it made me a better person, but it was also just a lot of fun. While much of this can apply to simply having brothers and sisters in general, I think people from big families can especially relate to this list, and probably think of more signs of having a bunch of siblings than I could! (If you have any good ones, write them in the comment section!)

1. You’ve been to more graduations than you can count.

College, high school, middle school, kindergarten, you name it, my family has attended it. Oh, and if you're wondering which kids are from big families, just wait until the big families do something obnoxious. Like blow their vuvuzela horns...

2. If you or your siblings are half, step, or adopted, people sometimes dismiss the fact that you’re still from a big family because you’re not all ‘blood.'

HAHAHA as if blood has anything to do with it. Blood makes you related. Love -- and a certain amount of hate resulting from years of sharing bathrooms, bedrooms, clothes, and the TV—is what makes you family

3. You still to this day have an urge to hide your favorite food.

Even if you’ve moved out of your childhood home, your natural instinct is to hide your favorite desserts, snacks, and leftovers because when you were younger all of the ‘good food’ was gone in two days.

4. Your friends spent most of their time at your house.

Your house may have been complete chaos, but your friends preferred to hang out there because at least it was never boring, and your parents didn't care because it was difficult for them to keep track of where their own kids were, let alone other peoples' kids.

5. Your cheering section was always the most rowdy.

You might have pretended to be embarrassed by your obnoxious family, but deep down you loved all of the attention whether you were playing sports, in a piano recital, or walking across the stage during your graduation.

6. Half of your wardrobe doesn’t belong to you.

Between sharing clothes, getting hand-me-downs, and stealing the occasional top for a school dance, things got complicated. Not to mention that anytime one of your siblings borrowed clothes from a friend, there was always the chance that you would wind up wearing it at some point and vise versa. Eventually, you accepted that any clothes in your room were basically yours and clothes that were missing were gone forever.

7. You have at least one embarrassing nickname.

And your siblings will never let that nickname go. It doesn’t matter how old you get or how successful you become, your siblings will always know you by that name, and there’s no fighting it. You could win an Oscar or Nobel Peace Prize, and the first thing they would say to you would be, “Congratulations, [insert nickname here]."

8. Germs don't scare you.

When one person was sick in your family, it was only a matter of time before you were all sick, so you might as well have a bite of their food or sip of their drink.

9. Dating was made 100 times harder because you had a big family.

Dating was a huge struggle... sometimes your crush had a crush on your sibling, and if you dated someone older or younger, there was a good chance they were in the same grade as your brother or sister. You also couldn't hide new relationships from your family because word always got back to them, and if you ever made the mistake of bringing your boyfriend/girlfriend/crush home, your siblings took great joy in making it as awkward as possible.

10. Group chats.

Your phone isn't always buzzing uncontrollably because you’re super popular; it's buzzing because your siblings just discovered how to use gifs and keep sending them to you. Oh, and your mom refuses to talk to your sister directly, so she has full conversations with her in the group chat, even though it doesn't concern anyone else.

11. People thought they knew you because they knew your sibling.

This could be either a very good or very bad thing growing up. If your sibling was cool, then sometimes people would like you by association, but at the same time, they would compare you constantly. On the other hand, if your sibling was a problem child, teachers would be instantly suspicious of you. Either way, you were known only by your last name.

12. Comparing yourself to all of your siblings causes you to occasionally panic.

Most of the time, you don't worry about it, but on occasion you find yourself thinking about what all of your siblings were doing when they were your age, which causes you to have a full-blown panic attack. It's difficult to cope with the feeling that you have to keep up with your older siblings and ahead of your younger siblings.

13. You're constantly helping siblings move.

Whenever your sibling moves, you have to help. It's like the draft: when you reach a certain age, there's no way of getting out of it. You've helped them move in and out of dorms, apartments, and houses. The only upside is that when you move, you always have an abundance of experienced help, and it makes moving quicker and easier.

14. You’ve been called by your sisters' AND your brothers’ names.

If your mom is having an especially rough day, she won't even try. She'll just run through the list of names until she hits the right one.

15. In-laws just mean you have even more siblings.

If your brothers and sisters-in-law* call you by your embarrassing nickname, help you move, and are forced to be a part of the same annoying family group chats, then they are one of your many siblings. *Long-term boyfriends and girlfriends included.

16. Childhood memories are either amazing or traumatic.

Your siblings were personally responsible for some of your craziest, funniest childhood memories, but you also remember how evil they could be, especially when they ganged up on you. Your siblings also witnessed some of your best and worst moments growing up, but at least your childhood was never boring.

17. Road trips were never easy.

Road trips usually required more than one car, extensive planning, and a DVD player to distract all of you from the fact that you were stuck in an extremely confined space together. At least one person would cry, get sick, or start a fight every trip without fail.

18. Seniority rules.

Whoever was older won every argument. They got the first pick on TV shows, spot in the car, bed at hotels, and basically everything else. The only reason the younger kids didn’t revolt was that they had seniority over the siblings younger than them.

19. Pranks. All. The. Time.

You learned to stay vigilant.

20. It took until you moved out to realize that you like your brothers and sisters way more than just about anyone else in this world.

Sure, when you were little you may have threatened to run away a few dozen times because your brothers and sisters were being mean to you, but now you can’t get over the fact that no one will ever understand you quite like they do. Now that you're all older they're almost like your... friends?

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