Summer camp is full of fun activities, long days, amazing campers, and even better staff! Here are 10 things that any camp counselor can relate to as they get home from camp:

1. Camp songs are still stuck in your head.

At camp, there are songs for traveling, meals, showering, and chapel, so of course, they have flooded your mind! When you get home you can't help but bust out in a song when it would have been necessary/normal at camp.

2. Your Chaco, watch, sock, and shirt tan lines are full force.

The endless summer sun has left its mark on your skin. Luckily the tan lines will fade and our camp memories will last forever.

3. The camp schedule is still stuck in your head.

After weeks of using the same daily schedule, you can't help but remember what you would be doing if you still were at camp. Also waking up at the crack of dawn is no longer necessary, so you really have to get used to sleeping in again.

4. You still look for your water bottle before you leave your room.

It was practically glued to your side all summer long and you can't help but reach for it as you head out the door!

5. You have a strange urge to clean up other people's messes.

You spent all summer cleaning up after campers, even when not necessary, so now you naturally feel compelled to clean up at home! It takes a day or so to realize it isn't up to you anymore.

6. You can't remember how phones function.

Giving your phone up for the summer sounded frightening but now you can't even remember the importance of one! Now you have to reintroduce yourself to technology in order to be a functioning member of society.

7. You are freezing for the first few days home.

Shivering, instead of sweating, as you go to sleep is a foreign idea after not having air for weeks! Your body really has a lot of catching up to do.

8. You actually have to cook/think about what you are going to eat.

Having a cafeteria with a precooked meal, where you could just show up and eat, was a blessing in disguise. Now you have to really plan out what you are going to eat and make it/go get it!

9. You want to send your younger siblings to bed on time.

After constantly directing the lives of youngsters all summer, you can't help but tell your sibling it's bed time/shower time the first few nights you're home!

10. You have the strongest desire to go back.

Even though the days were long and tiring, the joy that encompassed camp can not be matched! You yearn to back with your friends on staff and the campers that made everyday amazing!