The 10 Most Savage Thanksgiving Clapback Memes

The holidays can be a rough time for some people. Coming home means dealing with family who may not exactly approve of your life decisions. So here's the 10 most savage #ThankgivingClapback memes to make you feel better.

1. For the relative who expects perfect grades

2. For the relative who doesn't understand a double major

3. For the relative who doesn't understand how starving you are

4. For the relative who doesn't understand why you don't like coming home

(This one is the most relatable for me)

5. For the relative who STILL has stuff to say about your grades

6. For the relative talking smack about your bomb lipstick and liner combo.

7. For when you just need a drink to deal with your family right now

8. For the relative questioning your eating choices

9. For the homophobic relative

10. And finally, the most savage clapback of all

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