10 Reasons Why I Love Going To IU
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10 Reasons Why I Love Going To IU

If you're a B-Town girl put your hands up.

10 Reasons Why I Love Going To IU

Indiana, our Indiana, Indiana, We’re All For You. It was always my dream to come to IU and follow in my parents' footsteps. They filled my head up with all of these fun stories about their time down in B-Town. I couldn’t wait for the day that I could make my own memories during my time at Indiana University. Now a junior at IU, these are 10 reasons why I love being a B-town girl.

1. Tailgate Season

Getting up before the sun rises isn’t so bad when you’re sipping on Bloody Mary’s and rocking out to “This Is Indiana." Tailgate season in Bloomington is the best time of the year. The campus is full of candy stripes, and beer pong and the weather (flannels and Timberlands) can’t be beat.

2. $2 Tuesday

When you’re a poor college student, $2 Tuesdays are better than Christmas morning. Your favorite drinks cost you nearly nothing and your bank account always thanks you.

3. KOK and Brother’s Shirts

You can NEVER have enough bar shirts. They are always fun and everyone must have one. Sure, cover might be $5 but that Brother’s Blackhawks shirt is definitely worth it.

4. The Campus

IU is beautiful all year. The trees look like a painted picture when they are bright orange and fire engine red. The old buildings that surround you give the campus a historical and elegant look. IU is one of the most beautiful places in the world to me.

5. Pizza X

We all love cheesy bread at 3 a.m., and Pizza X is always the go to. They deliver right to your door and the cheese to bread ratio can’t be topped. The Tootsie Rolls they give you are killer too!

6. Basketball

Nothing is better than when Assembly Hall is sold out. The roar of the crowd and the hysterical fatheads that fill the stadium make me realize how happy I am that I am a Hoosier. That buzzer beater win against Kentucky wasn’t too bad either. Banner up!

7. Kirkwood

My favorite street in Bloomington. I love all of the shops and restaurants that are crammed on this one historic street. Chipotle, Tracks, The Village Deli and KOK are just a few of the hot spots that reside on Kirkwood.

8. The Rivalry between IU and Purdue

Dear Purdue students,

We Hoosiers are sorry that you attend Purdue. Better luck next year. Go IU!

9. The Jungle

There is no better place than Kilroy’s Sports on Thursdays. The DJ always plays throwbacks that you and your friends used to jam out to in high school, and the drinks are usually $3!

10. IU is home.

I was terrified to leave home and be on my own. I was so nervous that I would hate being away at school and regret every minute of it. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I love living in Bloomington and I consider it my second home. Thank you B-Town for becoming a part of me.

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