10 Reasons Why Being A Morning Person Is A Struggle
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10 Reasons Why Being A Morning Person Is A Struggle

Sometimes it feels like you're the only person who likes waking up early

10 Reasons Why Being A Morning Person Is A Struggle

If you’re a morning person, then you realize that this characteristic can be both a blessing and a curse. Yes, it is great to have an early start to each day. However, the majority of the world’s population are not morning people. Here are 10 reasons that can help explain the struggles every morning person has gone through.

1. Always being the first person awake at a sleepover.

Morning people have spent many hours playing games on their phone while waiting for friends to wake up.

2. Similarly, you are always one of the first people to fall asleep.

3. Never having the opportunity to turn off your alarm clock because you always wake up before it goes off.

4. Even when you have a day off you wake up like you have to go to school/work.

5. If you do somehow manage to sleep in, you feel guilty for wasting a part of the day.

6. Your perception of sleeping in is different compared to your friends.

7. Staying up late doesn’t necessarily mean that you will sleep in late.

8. You always have to be quiet in the morning because everyone else is usually sleeping


9. You eat an early breakfast/lunch so you are hungry for dinner a lot earlier than your friends.

10. Overall, it just seems like you are on a different schedule than everyone else and you wouldn’t have it any other way!

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