Here at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, April 4th and 5th are going to be important days. Why? These are the days we vote to elect our new Student Government Officers for the upcoming school year. While all of the candidates are amazing, there are seven students running under the coalition "For The Students" that need your vote so they can make SIUE a better home for all its students.

Mallory McCune - President

Landon Montgomery - Vice President

Mackenzie Rogers - Senator at Large

Mitch Zurliene - Engineering Senator

Kelsey Walsh - Nursing Senator

Galvin Misquith - Senator at Large

Matt Butler - College of Arts and Sciences Senator

Here are just 10 of the several reasons that you should consider this outstanding group of leaders to mold SIUE into a better place for you:

1. "For The Students" are diverse and we love it

2. We Advocate for ALL of the Students at SIUE

3. We Promote Transparency

4. "For the Students" Encourages Inclusion

5. Our Coalition is Motivated

6. We Are Driven College Students Wanting To Make SIUE A Better Place For All

7. We Care

8. We Love Our School and Our Peers

9. We Will Not Fail You

10. "For The Students" Dream To Be Elected Into Student Government Office