10 Reasons Why I Love Working With Kids
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10 Reasons Why I Love Working With Kids

We all used to be kids.

10 Reasons Why I Love Working With Kids
Lisa Gainsboro

While it’s unclear if I want to have my own kids in the future, I definitely love my camp counselor and babysitting gigs. Here are some reasons why:

1. It takes me back to my childhood.

Working with kids makes me remember my childhood, which contained VCRs and dunkaroos. It’s different these days, but nevertheless, working with kids brings back the good times.

2. We discuss things that adults don’t normally talk about.

I can just go over and ask a kid what their favorite color is, and it’s an automatic conversation starter.

3. We play fun games.

Captain on deck, Four Corners and Museum are all crowd favorites.

4. There’s no need for small talk.

Most of these kids are very into talking about their life real quick, and sometimes they don’t even ask what your name is.

5. Knowing how to French-braid makes me the coolest.

Once I French-braid one kid's hair, there are instant requests from others that form a line out of the door. I never knew such a random skill would pay off.

6. We get to sing and dance together.

I have always loved doing theatre-- it’s such a fun experience that brings everyone together.

7. I’m not judged for anything.

When I trip or fall, the kids laugh, and then it’s onto the next thing. There’s no judgment, and eating pizza every day is actually encouraged.

8. You can form a meaningful friendship with a kid and see how you can impact them every day.

It’s so sweet to see a kid who is happy to see me, and to feel like I am making a difference in their life.

9. Because some of them nap!

This is another skill I am very talented at.

10. Because no matter how tiring it can be, it is always worth it for the amazing memories.

Even though the days can be exhausting, they are always so much fun. I always look forward to the amazing adventures!

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