They’re mighty, stoic and goofy in every way. Here are ten reasons why German Shepherds are undeniably the best dogs:

1. Cutest puppies.

Before they become your full-grown partner, German Shepherds are some of the cutest puppies with their floppy ears, big, glossy eyes and their black, tan or white coloring.

2. Personal bodyguard.

German Shepherds are the ultimate watchdogs, and they will protect you for life. While they may appear scary and aggressive to outsiders, you know they are the sweetest pups in the world. For anyone else though, don't mess.

3. Loyal.

Similar to their protective instincts, German Shepherds are loyal to you for life. They always have a special connection with their owners, and will sit waiting for you patiently until you return.

4. Super playful.

German Shepherds have tons of energy and they are very active. They are always up for a walk, run, or game of Frisbee. They also love to bring you a toy, and have you chase them around the house. No matter what the day, their playful side is sure to come out.

5. Goofy.

German shepherds are actually really goofy and silly. They have great personalities, and they will always make you laugh, especially when you’re having a bad day.

6. Obedient.

German Shepherds are famous for their obedience and ability to follow commands. This is why they are great police and military dogs, and have gone on to save many lives due to their obedience and fearlessness. This makes training them pretty easy, and you can also teach them pretty cool tricks!

7. Loving.

More than anything else, these dogs are super loving and have huge hearts. Their family is everything to them, and they would do anything to keep their pack happy and safe.

8. Smart.

Whether opening doors, performing tricks, or even doing everyday chores, German Shepherds are super smart, and they love to show off their skills.

9. Cuddle buddy.

German Shepherds are big, fluffy and the perfect cuddle buddies. They are like a big pillow, and just like they love to play and run, they love to nap with you by their side.

10. Best friend for life

Nothing can replace the special bond you have with your German Shepherd, and no matter what, they will always be your greatest, furriest friend.