10 Reasons Why Baton Twirling Is A Sport
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10 Reasons Why Baton Twirling Is A Sport

How tossing a steel stick becomes an athletic endeavor

10 Reasons Why Baton Twirling Is A Sport

Many people view baton twirling as a hobby, but it is highly competitive. In fact, it requires years of diligent practice to perfect a single movement. It can provide opportunities for traveling and scholarships and is much more difficult than you probably think. Here are ten traits that describe how twirlers are athletes in their sport.

1. Flexibility

Many twirlers have dance backgrounds, particularly in ballet and jazz. This helps develop dance technique as well as flexibility for twirling routines.

2. Strength

Some twirlers lift weights in addition to regular practices. Great arm strength is necessary for high tosses, but twirling truly requires strength from every part of your body.

3. Endurance

Twirlers build up their stamina by training for hours on end. Performances on the field are typically 10-15 intense minutes without breaks.

4. Teamwork

Twirling with others requires a great sense of trust, dedication, and loyalty.

6. Drive

Twirling develops an internal desire to push yourself to the limit and do what it takes to be successful.

7. Artistry

Twirling requires coordination of the baton and body, so timing and precision are necessary.

8. Goal setting

Setting smaller goals can lead to larger ones that take you to competitions around the world. At times, you are not only representing yourself, but your school or even your country.

9. Resilience

Twirling develops mental toughness and the ability to bounce back from difficulties along the way.

10. Love for the sport

Love for their sport drives the internal motivation of twirling athletes. Even though it can be difficult and even risky at times, you can't help but smile when you nail a routine. Hitting your final pose with the audience cheering you on is a feeling unlike anything else in the world.
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