10 Reaons Why I Love BodyFlow
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10 Reaons Why I Love BodyFlow

Do you like to work your leg muscles while listening to relaxing music?

10 Reaons Why I Love BodyFlow
Les Mills

1. BodyFlow is a mixed practice of yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi. This practice is absolutely and amazingly relaxing even for the most upbeat person. I love to go to this class every week at least one day out of the week to relax and get everything off of my mind.

2. I love to have the freedom to express myself through the beautiful flowing movements in BodyFlow. Not only do these movements help express emotions to the rhythm of music but they are completely relaxing.

3. BodyFlow allows me to continue maintaining my flexibility through the stretches and intense positions, such as the downward dog that stretches your shoulders and is an amazing hamstring stretch. One of my favorite positions is sun warrior because it allows me to stretch my legs and my spine, as well as other muscles in my body, with a slight curve.

4. I love to intermingle with the other people in the class, so in a way BodyFlow is an hour of socialization time for me and I highly enjoy it.

5. The instructors of the class make it very enjoyable because of their passion for what they teach. I love to be in class simply for the fact of the amazing instructors.

6. Regardless of what people think, BodyFlow works your muscles intensively. I get a full leg workout before I leave because of the movements in Tai Chi and the standing strength especially, but the entire class works every muscle, even the ones you don't ever work in a normal workout.

7. I truly love the music, maybe because I have always performed routines to music due to my cheerleading background. The array of music is truly relaxing and the genres are so serene, so they complete the positions and movements you make.

8. There are new releases, as in new routines, every quarter so. You do not always do the same release when you come to class. Often times instructors will mix different sections from many releases and make a unique release that is either a class favorite or maybe they just enjoy teaching it. The music changes with every release which is fun because it's like an entirely new class!

9. Les Mills, the company BodyFlow originated from, was created in New Zealand by an Olympic athlete. The entire family of this athlete owns the company and they create the routines and teach new instructors the way they practice. The athlete wanted to change the way group fitness and fitness in general were viewed to make a new face for workouts. He also has other programs that are other types of workout practices such as BodyCombat, RPM, BodyAttack, Sha'bam, BodyPump, and many more.

10. My most favorite part about BodyFlow and going to class every week is the fact that my sister in law is an instructor. She's my favorite instructor and I absolutely love being able to enjoy my time of relaxation while supporting her as she does what she's passionate about. She is a very driven woman and plans to become certified in other areas of Les Mills like the ones I listed above and I will support her all the way. I love going to her class and looking at her smiling face on stage. It makes me feel complete bliss to be there to love and support her because she's one of my best friends and I would do anything in this world for her.

These are my ten reasons for loving BodyFlow! If you've never tried it before I encourage you to find a local gym that uses Les Mills programs. Don't try just one program. Try them all! BodyFlow may not be your favorite. You may love to cycle and enjoy RPM or perhaps you like weights, and if so then BodyPump is your class! For now, my favorite will remain BodyFlow because I love how relaxing and calming it is. It soothes my soul and after I've had a bad day it makes it all go away.

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