10 Reactions to The New Apple iOS 10 Update

Since 2007, we've gotten used to Apple updating their software and phones every Fall season. Apple recently released their lasted model of the iPhone 7. While many are going crazy over their new phone or trying to buy one (currently sold out in many stores around the world), other iPhone users who can't upgrade had their attention all over the new iOS 10 software. Myself was upon that group, all day distracted trying to figure out the new features, Therefore I present you my 10 reactions to the new iOS update:

1. Refusing to Update

A majority of iPhone users (myself included) tend to ignore the notification of updating the iOS software. We have to delete apps or pics for it to have space and have at least 50% of battery, so it can fully download. It's quite annoying and we all know the first few days updates can have glitches.

2. Lock Screen changed

After constant begging from my friends and my phone notifying me to update, I gave in. Took a couple of minutes for it to download, however; successfully it loaded but there was something different. There was no more "slide to lock" or ID touch to unlock my phone. You have to press the home button to unlock for ID touch to work. RIP "Slide to Unlock"

3. iMessage Makeover

The biggest change in the iOS 10 update has to be iMessage. Suddenly the iMessage app got a facelift. There's a bunch of new features on iMessage such as attaching stickers, gifs and drawing.

4. Emoji makeover ( Mixed Feelings)

Emojis got a huge makeover, making them look like android emojis. Apple eliminated the gun emoji and replaced it with a water gun. While the reason behind that I support, Apple still has a bomb and knife emoji, which doesn't make a difference why they took the gun emoji. Despite the weird looking emojis, Some emojis look sassier and got a makeover, just take a look at the hair flip emoji.

5. Delete useless apps

You can now finally delete useless apps; such as the compass, stock, podcasts and etc (the ones that you barely (NEVER) use and are a waste of space. This helps especially when your phone storage gets full.

6. Ugly typography and layout on Music app

One of the downsides of iOS 10 ( for me ) is the music app. Aesthetically the music app isn't pleasing. I've been an iPhone user since it first came out and the updated music app looks like an Android design. It looks like if apple didn't have the time or put the thought into the music app layout, like if they hired a 12-year-old do it. It's a big bold confused mess. The only positive feature of the music app is that you can take a picture while listening to music and it won't stop or pause the song you're listening to .

7. The smart design behind the iPhone picture album

If you go to your photo app, the albums are categorized by selfies, people, and based on location. It is easily designed and layout for you to find the picture of your choice, instead of scrolling up and down to find a picture. The update even categorizes your pictures by memory album (places the pictures were taken place or certain date.)

8. Battery Drainage

Every iPhone or iOS software update claims that the battery life "improved" yep that's always false. Since updating my phone to iOS 10 I've noticed my battery drains to 5% faster than usual. However, I found some tips on how to save battery life with turning off certain features in order to keep battery life for draining.

9. Send more text messages than usual

Throughout all the changes in the newly updated iOS software, I've noticed I couldn't stop texting my friends with the new message features, texting got more entertaining.

10. Getting used to the update

I still see myself trying to unlock my phone with just touching the home button, while I keep forgetting I have to press down the button, also how emojis look different kinda throws me off. However, while many people still complain about the update, I believe it's their best update yet, I just hope for them to improve minor issues (especially the music app layout.)

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