10 Ways I Stay Productive
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Student Life

10 Ways I Stay Productive

In the Time of Virtual Learning

10 Ways I Stay Productive

Making a To-Do List

I find that every night before bed, whether it is on paper or in my notes on my phone, that having a to-do list helps me remember what I need to complete for the day. I usually try to have my to-do list in chronological order to help organize my day a little. Making a to-do list before bed helps me start the next morning off right and end the day on a good note. This helps so that I know I completed everything I needed to for that particular day.

Drinking Plenty of Water

Obviously drinking plenty of fluids during the day is a necessity. I normally try to have a benchmark for water consumption as well as any type of juice, coffee, or tea for each day. Drinking water is very important for health, so I prioritize drinking water more during the day. I normally drink about 4 , 16 oz. bottles of water a day on top of at least 4 other glasses. I like to drink a couple glasses of coffee in the morning and a cup of tea before bed.

Sleeping at Least 8 Hours a Night

No matter how busy my day is, or how busy my week is for that matter, I make sure that I am getting plenty of sleep during the night. I strive for eight hours every night even if I need to complete that art project for the next day. I want to make sure that I have a good night's sleep, it makes me feel more productive during the day when I do not feel tired.

Making My Bed

Every morning, even though it is not on my to-do list, making my bed is one of those things I make sure to do every morning. I make my bed first thing and right off the bat I completed something for the day. And with doing Zoom classes from my bedroom, I have to make sure my bed is made so that in the background of the Zoom my room is not a mess. But I have also realized that when I make my bed I am less likely to sit in my bed during the day and I am more productive sitting at my desk and completing schoolwork.

Outfit Prep

Normally when I know I have an early morning the next morning, I check the weather and set out an outfit every night before bed for the next morning. This helps reduce any time in the morning for getting ready and spending more time on other things.

Having a "Schedule"

I try to have a "schedule" throughout the weekdays to have some sort of structure to my week. I try to wake up every morning at the same time around 8am and try to go to bed around 11pm. But even during the day, I try to complete school work during certain times in the day and implement times for breakfast, lunch, and dinner too.

Inputting Breaks

With all of the schoolwork to complete for this semester, I try to input breaks for myself. I make sure to give myself about 10 or 15 minutes between classes to give my eyes a break from the computer. And even about 30 minutes to an hour for lunch to help with the monotony of the day.

Doing Chores

I have realized that if I do not complete my chores during the day that I stress out at the end of the day that I did not do that load of laundry. I find that trying to complete chores throughout the day makes me feel accomplished as well.

Checking My Email and Calendar

I normally check my email first thing before starting school work in the morning to make sure that I do not have anything from my professors. But every Sunday I check my Google Calendar to see what events or appointments I have throughout the week. This helps so I know what is ahead for the week.

Tech Free Zone

Normally I try to not use my cell phone during the day when I am completing schoolwork so I do not use social media or get distracted from anything. Also at dinner I try to not use my phone either.

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