10 Period Struggles That EVERY Girl Dreads Every 30 Days, Give Or Take

Period struggles are real and they suck. Although, they come every month: here's a recap of some of the struggles that girls go through. Grab some popcorn while you're reading this!

1. Cramps

The constant stabbing needs to end fam

2. changing of pads or tampon or cups

I have to go to the bathroom 15 times a day to change it... Do you even know how gross that is?

3. Emotional roller-coaster

My favorite character just died okay?

4. The need to cuddle with cute, fluffy animals

I have no control

5. Desire for chocolate and junk food

I'm about to dive into a whole cake, who wants to join me?

6. Hormones

Don't mess with us! You have been WARNED!!

7. The Position

Every position hurts, and I don't know how to move

8. The cycle

Don't you love how it lasts for 5 days every SINGLE month

9. Sneezing

It's time to go underwear shopping

10. The thought of blood coming out of our uterus

I can't even believe that it's happening. Thank you, mother- nature

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