10 Normal Things That Annoy You

We can all be a bit testy at times. Some big things make everyone angry, but the worst are pet peeves that drive even a saint insane. Here are the little things in life that shouldn't bother you, but they really do.

1. When someone takes a long time to text back.

Listen, it's really upsetting that you aren't sitting by your phone day in and day out waiting with baited breath to respond to my text. Okay, fine, that's obsessive, but really? Three days to respond to my text. Come on now.

2. When your mom doesn't close your bedroom door all the way.

"Can you close my do-" never mind. I'll just leave my bed and close it. It's fine.

3. People who walk slowly in front of you.

No, no, it's fine. I'll just be here, behind this slow moving wall you've created with your bodies.

4. YouTube and Pandora ads.

Listen, I may be able to save 15 minutes or more on car insurance, but you're wasting 30 precious seconds that could be spent watching Justin Bieber music videos.

5. When people chew loudly.

Seriously. Are you eating a bowl of nails?

6. When Netflix asks, "Are you still watching?"

Why yes, I am, so great of you to remind me that I did nothing with my day.

7. When you hold the door for someone and they don't acknowledge it.


8. When your phone repeatedly autocorrects something in the way you didn't want.

Are you ducking kidding me, iPhone?

9. When people applaud at the end of a flight.

Stop pretending. You're just as annoyed about not being off of this plane as I am. Quit with your fake happiness. Now I feel obligated to clap.

10. When people randomly join conversations.

I'm sorry, but if I wanted you here I would've sent you an invite. Thank you very much.

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