10 Mother's Day Gifts To Brighten Up Her Quarantine

10 Mother's Day Gifts To Brighten Up Her Quarantine

Your mom deserves the world and she has also most likely been waiting on you hand and foot since your sad and stressed-out self had to pack up and move out of college.

10 Mother's Day Gifts To Brighten Up Her Quarantine

Get her something nice to show her how much you love her, her home-cooked meals, folding of your laundry, how she brings you coffee during your Zoom class because you woke up too late to make it yourself...

1. Body Love Every Day by Kelly LeVeque 

My mom got this book recently and is obsessed. Kelly LeVeque is a nutritionist loved by Emmy Rossum and Jennifer Garner who is famous for her "Fab 4" approach to changing one's relationship to food. If your mom is into health/wellness (or even if she isn't) this is an awesome gift for her. Get it at Target for only 19 bucks.

2. Alexa Leigh Bracelet 

These bracelets are the perfect simple pieces to build up your mom's wrist candy and, even better, don't break the bank. Alexa Leigh is a fabulous jewelry designer known for her "ball" bracelets. I have the gold threesome stack and am obsessed, but one of my new faves that any stylish mom would love is this Heart of Gold bracelet for only $60. Search for more styles here on her site.

3. Baggu Reusable Bags 

Ok this sounds like a boring gift but these bags are adorable and SO versatile. Encourage your mom to grocery shop sustainably, if she doesn't already, with this set of three printed bags (comes in several different prints, so pick a set that really speaks to your mom's style). Only $36 from Shopbop!

4. Levain Bakery Cookies 

THESE ARE THE BEST COOKIES I'VE EVER HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE SO SENDING A BOX OF THESE TO YOUR HOUSE TO SURPRISE YOUR MOTHER IS SIMPLY A NO-BRAINER. Seriously, you need them. Check out their nationwide shipping options on their website.

5. PJ Set

This zebra-print PJ set from Zara is so chic, any stylish mom will love it. And it's on sale! Woohoo! Get the top here and the bottom here.

6. Revlon Blow-Dry Brush 

My mom and I both have this brush (and all my friends basically do, considering how much they borrow it) and it is a lifesaver. Seriously, I do not know how I ever got ready before this blow dryer came into my possession. Get it at Target for your mama for only $57 (much better price than the fancy DryBar one)!

7. Slip Silk Eye Mask 

These eye masks have become a cult favorite, and for a reason. According to reviews, these Slip silk masks are "life-changing," which means your mom needs them. I know they are a little pricey but c'mon, they're life-changing! Get them in several colors on Urban Outfitters's website.

8. Drunk Elephant Bare With Us Skincare Kit 

Get your mom a set of some of one of the best skincare brands today's essential products, for only $100. For Drunk Elephant this price is AMAZING, not to mention the products are totally up to the hype. Get it at Sephora here.

9. Glossier Balm DotCom Trio 

Another cult favorite, these lip balms are definitely essentials for ANYONE, especially your mama who needs these cute little tubes in her life. They come in several different tints and flavors, my faves being the coconut and mango. Get this trio on Glossier's site here.

10. Anthropologie Measuring Cups

If your mom is just like everybody else during this quarantine and baking every type of bread, muffin, and cake known to man, get her these adorable measuring cups from Anthropologie that will make her want to bake even more (if that's even possible).

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