10 Songs To Get You Up And Working Out
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10 Songs To Get You Up And Working Out

Because no one enjoys hearing the sounds of their breathing while running.

10 Songs To Get You Up And Working Out

As I ran, feet pounding and hearing the sound of my breathing, I just wanted to stop. I kept thinking to myself, "Why am I running? Who does this?" Sounding like Darth Vader, hearing myself run made it even worse. I decided maybe music would distract me from my throbbing legs or racing heart. There are some great songs that make running just a little easier.

1. "GDFR" (Feat. Sage The Gemini & Lookas) -- Flo Rida

At first, this song may seem like something just to party with. But listen closely to the beat. The deep bass and quick lyrics make it easy to find a quick heart rate.

2. "Dirty Little Secret" -- All American Rejects

With every strum of the guitar and smash of the beat, you can imagine each foot racing against the pavement. You can even imagine running being your "dirty little secret."

3. "Riot" -- Three Days Grace

This dark song may influence you to be a little bit angry. Do not fear! You blood will start boiling and you'll just want to run away.

4. "Warriors" -- Imagine Dragons

As opposed to the other songs, this song is promoting team work and beating the enemy by building something from nothing. Talking about being "above the rest" and "proving yourself" really gets you pumped to be the best athlete you can be. Also a good song to listen to before competing/playing.

5. "Sandstorm" -- Darude

With some bass drops and what songs to me like guns, it is not hard to get your heart racing at the sound of this song. Maybe even the sound of the dogs influence you to run away from the demons (scary gods) chasing you.

6. "Five More Hours" -- Deorro & Chris Brown

To some, running is really their "kind of party" and they may not be thinking "five more hours, we're just getting started," but it makes a good mindset. To think, "we're just getting starting" itself is imagining yourself coming into something huge and making it your own.

7. "Turn Around" -- Flo Rida

This song has a great tempo to run to. Again, it's really great to get your pumped up. You can also use the countdown as a timing until you sprint or give yourself a small break.

8. "Shell Shocked" -- Juicy J & Wiz Khalifa

If this song could get the Teenage Mutant Ninja Warriors ready, it can get you to run fast. Also, if your competition is about to be "shell shocked," what else could you ask for?

9. "Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued" -- Fall Out Boy

First, your hear the title and already feel like a bad ass, because they could potentially be sued for the original title. The lyric "I'm feeling young and reckless;" go ahead and feel reckless. Run fast, slow, medium, or backwards. Whatever you feel.

10. "Low" (feat. T-Pain) -- Flo Ride

Although this song is little old, who doesn't love a classic to get you ready to go? The song has a beat that is slow enough so you're not expecting to sprint to it, but fast enough where you're getting a good heart rate in. Also, it just makes you want to party. And running is a party... right?

Hope you enjoy this weird array of songs that are weirdly amazing to run to!

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