10 First World Problems For College Kids
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Student Life

10 First World Problems For College Kids

The day-to-day things that honestly make you want to pull your hair out

10 First World Problems For College Kids

Being a college student is a wonderful adventure. New friends and classes and 4 a.m. trips to Waffle House are just the beginnings of the wonderful next four (or eight) years of your life. But there are some annoying problems that come with being a college student. Annoying first world problems.

1. You can't find the textbook online, so you actually have to buy it

Every good college student knows that textbooks cost you a fortune and having to actually buy them is just painful.

2. You forgot to bring your jacket to class and it's -12 degrees in there

Some classrooms are 99 degrees and some are colder than the arctic. You just don't remember it until it's too late...

3. Waking up too late for breakfast and too early for lunch

That awkward hour or two break between breakfast and lunch is basically the worst time to be hungry if you will on campus. Guess it's ramen in a coffee pot for you.

4. When you it's five minutes after your class was supposed to begin and your professor walks in...

Just when everyone thinks it's going to be a day off... in comes your professor busting all of your plans for going back to your room and taking a nap.

5. Not being able to decide if you want to take notes on your laptop or notebook paper

It depends on the class, the type of notes, if there's a PowerPoint, graphs, equations, how many other books or notebooks are you carrying around? Let me tell you, the struggle is real.

6. Right after you get in the shower and Pandora switches to a song you hate...

Do you get out of the shower and change the song and risk getting everything wet? Do you struggle through the song anyway? How does one decide!?

7. Free queso and chips... and your chip breaks mid dip

I mean yum! but ugh!! And when the chip you send in to save the chip you broke breaks too? Might as well just give up now.

8. When your free trial of Amazon Prime expires...

And it always happens the day before you have to order something important. Guess it's back to 5-7 day shipping... What a let down.

9. Opening your brand new package of Chips Ahoy or Oreos and realizing you finished your milk that morning...

10. Never knowing how to dress for that half-mile trek across campus.

Half the school year is spent just never quite knowing what to wear outside.

College is a fantastic four (or more) years experience. But you will meet more than one first world problem on your way to your degree. Just learn to embrace it and not get too frustrated.

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