10 Things Only Figure Skaters Would Understand

Not everyone loves gliding across the ice. But, if you're a figure skater, you know these feelings all too well.

Figure skating is an amazing sport, and not only does it take dedication, it takes strength and confidence to throw yourself up into the air. It's beautiful, and such an amazing experience to finally finish a spin the way it's supposed to look or land a jump you've been practicing for so long. These are just a few things only a figure skater would understand.

1. Early mornings.

Most people hate waking up early, but for a figure skater, they don't have a choice. Most lessons for you are bright and early, before school and all other free skate sessions. You have to get on the ice before it's ruined, right? Even if the Zamboni can clean it, there's nothing like an early morning skate.

2. The injuries/bruises.

You definitely know what I'm talking about if you've ever set foot on the ice. They're basically unavoidable. Figure skating is one of the most dangerous sports because of injuries, I know I've gotten hurt plenty of times, but I still love it.

3. Dull Blades.

Your rental skates are nothing compared to our skates. Our blades need to be sharp, not dull. Otherwise, we'll be sliding across the ice not gliding. It's important so we can preform to the best of our ability too, we have to impress someone at least once a day.

4. Stretching to become flexible.

No, we can't just jump onto the ice and bust out a Biellmann, we have to stretch first. Our legs have to be super flexible, so no injuries can occur. I don't know about you, but I haven't even got a skate past my head yet.

5. Love/Hate relationship with your coaches.

You know this is true if you've ever wanted to kill your coach after a lot of work in a lesson. Whether you realize it at the time or not, your coach is only doing it to help you become who you want to be - a perfect skater. She/he only has your best interests in mind, and that's to win. They see you through your ups and downs (literally) and are always there by your side no matter what. They're a big part in skating, just remember that. Without them, you wouldn't be as successful as you are now.

6. Breaking in those new skates.

WORST PROCESS EVER. No matter how many times you bake your skates, it will take forever to break them in if you don't skate every day. All the bruises and blisters on your feet are totally worth it though. If you love the sport enough, it doesn't matter once the boot finally fits.

7. Pre-Competition Butterflies.

You know you'll do great, you've been practicing forever. You've gone over this in your head thousands of times. On and off the ice you've practiced the moves, you know that you can land every move. So why are you nervous? Being the only one on the ice at a time is a scary thought, but don't worry, you'll be fine. Butterflies do suck, though; it completely throws you off.

8. The wait to hear your results.

This is the time where a thousand thoughts go through your head - what did I do wrong? Did I wobble when I landed my last jump? Nothing is more terrifying than having to wait longer to hear how you did. If you've been here, you know how it feels. These feelings are even worse than those butterflies you had before. Nothing is better, though, then hearing you came in first.

9. The Dresses.

Whether or not you bedazzle it yourself, sparkles are #1. These dresses are the part that mean the most. Staring at it hanging in your room for weeks, trying it on ahead of time just to look at it on yourself. It's the part of figure skating that every little girl dreams of. Looking beautiful and preforming your best. Bedazzling is a pain though, but sometimes it's worth the burn.

10. The Friends.

These girls are your teammates, even though you may not be on a team. They're there for you when you fall and help you get back up. Without your skater girls, who would you practice in front of? They're the ones who tell you how it is and help you improve the most. It's the times when the coaches aren't looking that they're the ones there for you. And, even if you stop skating, they're always down to go with you again no matter how long it's been. No time apart could separate any skating friendship.

Figure skating is such an amazing sport. I've had the joy to meet so many friends and coaches I'll always remember. It was such an amazing thing that kept me going through middle and high school. It was my rock, and no matter what I know I can always return to a rink and feel myself again. It's a second home.

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