10 Basic Crystals Every Beginner Should Have
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10 Basic Crystals Every Beginner Should Have

Crystals can basically work for you to do the hard work of helping clear and maintain your energy in this world.

10 Basic Crystals Every Beginner Should Have
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Whether you're beginning to get into crystals and the metaphysical world, or you're just stuck in a black hole of internet googling, crystals are always a fun topic. There are so many crazy things happening in the world as we know it, so just imagine how literally INSANE the metaphysical world is.

The phrase "As Above, So Below" comes to mind, but we can chat about that next week. Crystals are about as old as the earth itself, and their energy is rooted in it. With routine cleansing and intention setting, crystals can basically work for you to do the hard work of helping clear and maintain your energy in this world. For now, here is my ten basic crystal guide for any beginner.

1. Rose Quartz

Used For: Love, Romance, Creativity

Rose Quartz is one of the most popular crystals because almost everybody and their mothers will recommend it to you if you go to a crystal shop. The belief of this crystal is to help bring love, light, passion, and creativity to your life.

2. Jasper

Used For: Balance, Stability, Security

Jasper is one of the best crystals to aid in helping ground and stabilize you. The crystal itself is swirls of different colors and can be found in different shapes, representing how the world is a mix of everything. This crystal's energy is thought to absorb the beliefs we no longer need and help stabilize us.

3. Smokey Quartz

Used For: Calm, Tranquility, Peace, Anti Anxiety

Smokey Quartz is used to help quiet the parts of our minds that give us the most negativity. There are a few crystals recommended for people who suffer with anxiety, but Smokey Quartz is the one I have personally found to be most beneficial and also have heard the best results from using.

4. Amethyst

Used For: Purifying, Protecting, Pellucidity

Also referred to as the "does all" crystal of the crystal world, Amethyst is best at helping purify the mind and soul of negative energy. It is known to help fight addiction, purify the inner being of its negative thoughts and habits, and protect that energy once it is cleansed.

5. Green Calcite

Used For: Balancing in the world of love and self love

Green Calcite is not that common, but I think it's a very important crystal to get familiar with. It helps provide the balancing act for your love life as well as your own self love, which is super important. It can serve as a guide for you to make your way through life and hard decisions.

6. Ruby

Used For: Confidence, Motivation, Passion

This is the crystal to get you in your passions and help you spearhead anything you need to get to. It's a very strong crystal with a very strong vibration, so it's important to cleanse this one more than you do others. But, it will serve as a very high powered confidence booster and keep you motivated and on track!

7. Tektite

Used For: Insightfulness, Strength, Transformation

Another very strong crystal, Tektite is actually a result of the meteorites that hit earth. It's known to be a sign of good luck in many cultures, being such a powerful stone and a rare one at that. It helps raise awareness around you and enhance healing from injuries and sickness. It also helps raise your vibrational level, if you're into that.

8. Bismuth

Used For: Focus, Intentions, Transformations

One of the prettiest crystals, Bismuth is actually an element. It aids you in restarting things and transforming your life when it's time to make some positive changes. It'll help keep the energy around you positive while you transform some of the negative things you have going on in your life.

9. Black Tourmaline

Used For: Stability, Grounding, Defense

A very good crystal for anxious people or people who feel they have many around them with less-than-stellar intentions, Black Tourmaline is a useful stone in meditation as well as everyday life for helping provide stability in your crazy life.

10. Obsidian

Used For: Stability, Cleansing, Protection

Obsidian is used to help you cope with changes, handle surprises, stabilize the wearer and protect them from outside harm. It is always looking for a balance between things, so this crystal helps balance out the wearer's emotions and behaviors as well as the people they encounter.

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